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Such is the way of things that if you go to bed thinking about law, wake up thinking about law, spend pretty much the entire day on law - you end up dreaming about it too. Exhausted from today's paper, I was compelled to take an afternoon nap, only to find in dreams what sleep was supposed to be a rest from. I dreamed about having to tackle a massive nightmare question on Malik Inc. And in that space between sleep and waking I was carrying on this argument that Viral didn't fall under the definiton of "people" because he was clearly under the beastman category. Clearly if the law wanted to legislate for beastmen it should expressly say so.

Still, if there is one song from Gurren Lagann that you must hear, it is Nikopol, Viral's theme song. Lyrics here. It is the most fantastic apocalyptic I AM COMING FOR YOU AND WILL KICK YOUR ASS FROM HERE TO ETERNITY song. Which also makes it even funnier when Viral gets utterly owned in a fight. He's kickass, all right, but the problem is that he's a villain (... I can qualify that) and therefore part of his purpose is to get his ass handed to him by the heroes.

Viral makes some fabulous and epic appearances on this show to this song. My favourite so far is in Episode 6. After one entire episode of CRACK AND WTF-ERY, this song plays and Viral makes his appearance and you are WHY HELLO THERE, PLOT. WELCOME BACK! I love the opening of Nikopol, too. It's so:

the ground below my feet
My rejoinder to that, sadly, due to today's examination, is:
"Is taxed at a rate of 4% if you're living on it, and 10% if you're renting it out to someone else."

... Law, you can ruin EVERYTHING. Up to and including fandom. I have a lapful of law right now, and am not disposed to be kind. I love you, but not all the time.

Incidentally, Gurren Lagann Episode 1 on youtube, in case you want to try it. Oh, and (WARNING SPOILERS) timeskip!Simon, you are such a damn hero. ... AH WHAT THE HELL the Gurren Lagann Cutie Honey parody made it to youtube! WARNING SIMON IN A DRESS. Face PERMANENTLY glued to hands, now.

Today we were trying to make the corgi go into the bathroom, and he turned to us and gave us the most reproachful and woebegone look I have ever seen on the face of any animal. It broke my heart, the awful boy - he knows he should be going in there, but he's still all HERE HAVE A GUILT TRIP ON MY WAY OUT. Nobody but NOBODY does guilt trips like dogs. Unless it's children.

+ Rec: sanyin's Journey to the West Supernatural fic, Sam/Dean. AMAZING concept and execution.
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