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I just want to say thank you to everybody for making today (now technically yesterday, but as I am not yet asleep it is today to me) such an AMAZING DAY. Thank you to everybody who remembered and who sent me well-wishes (M, your message is the sweetest thing ever, I want to keep it on my phone forever). Special love to all fellow classmates who remembered - I know we've been all going through exam hell, so I'm really startled and happy and completely surprised that you remembered! ♥ Special thanks to all who took the time to call me today (thank you J! :)) ) - it was really great hearing your voices (especially the sibling in Korea who called and then passed the phone around to the entire family)! Our Dist probably wins the best reaction ever, "You sound so emotional! ... Sync sounding emotional. That is so wrong." XDXDXD Though you will not see this, we missed you and kept a SPECIAL CHAIR for you and I accidentally cut an extra slice of cake because that's the way we go, Rokujinshou + Van-sensei = seven pieces of cake always, even if six of us are there!

UTTERLY SPECIAL LOVE TO elvaron, harajukufuuri and reisha for coming over for A FABULOUS PAPARAZZI TIME with some of the loveliest dogs I've ever set eyes on. LOTS OF HUGS FOR elvaron: thank you so much for taking the time out to come and see me and thank you for the lovely gift and thank you for being there, you wonderful amazing person, you. GATTAI LOVE for harajukufuuri for completing my Gurren Lagann collection ( and letting me inflict my collection on you, I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH ), and reisha for being so fun and for sharing SPECIAL REBORN LOVE and letting us see Squalo's amazing new pimptastic outfit! SO MUCH LOVE AND BRAINBREAK JOY!

AND. OH. HEAVEN AND EARTH, THANK YOU SO MUCH, ABYSS TEAM. ♥ I really, really wasn't expecting such a fabulous time as I had tonight. SO MUCH LOVE for a_songfor_xx, for organising everything and making it possible for all of us to meet and have a great time! Riding shotgun with sensei = fun times always! Thank you so much, lil_kitt, atorii, ariesdraco, and lyricalabyss for such a wonderful night! :)))) The brownie!cake was amazing and so wonderfully filling that I was barely able to eat the one at home. XDXDXD GUYS YOU TOTALLY NEED TO COME OVER TO MY PLACE SOON so we can inflict our fandoms upon each other! XDXDXD

ALSO thank you kreznick for enabling me to hold the Gurren Lagann manga in my hands! :))))) It is so fun being able to read it in the original Japanese and go AH SO THAT'S HOW THEY TRANSLATED IT! ;))))

And for everyone whom I didn't get to see today but who wished me well, THANK YOU SO MUCH, AND I ONLY WISH I COULD SEE YOU! ♥ Especially for risax, whom I miss terribly: thank you for remembering, despite the taxing workload, I am counting down the days! ♥ Thank you farfello for the lovely card and for it giving me so much :D :D :D during the examinations! ♥

THANK YOU little_ribbon FOR BREAKING YSI FOR ME I AM NOT WORTHY I AM NOT WORTHY. ♥ I WILL DO SOMETHING SIMILARLY AWESOME SOON although it won't be as bengoshi-kuzu fantastic! And and and thank you nescienx, arrch, sodiumion, mangy_mongrel, dorkodile, direaliete, sistaofpeace1, sarahcoldheart, evercool AND ALL YOU AMAZING PEOPLE for the birthday wishes and for remembering!

But oh, you know, the AMAZING FANDOM MOMENTS?

Called lyricalabyss, worried about whether everyone was hungry:

lyricalabyss: "It's okay, we're thinking of changing palces, and dreameater_ryou just had a cream-puff."
Me: >D "PASS THE PHONE >D" - and then to the pastry-fan in particular: "STOP CHANNELING BAKURA!!!"
dreameater_ryou: *the most spectacular extended EVIL LAUGH I have ever had the pleasure of hearing*

A+++++++++++++++++ VERY VERY VERY IMPRESSED IRL IC RULES FOREVER, as does my setting eyes on the first Yu-Gi-Oh cards I have ever seen, courtesy of ariesdraco (I never ever thought I'd see a Blue-Eyes White Dragon for real, or half the stuff I saw in your deck, or the Japanese cards omg), and there was discussions of the Singaporean-YGO-dub+ (I AM SO SHOCKED AND HAPPY AND PROUD AND ASHAMED THAT IT EXISTS and is shown in the Philippines and Shanghai), Yuugi-fanart-drawing at the dinner table and Kaibatalk and a hilarious discussion about what Yuugi cosplayers do for the way of hair. (Answers from actual photographs and evidence: cardboard, pipe cleaners, other shocking materials, and 1 anecdotal evidence of 1 person using a wig).

+ I think it SO AWESOME that Singapore dubbed YGO. Because clearly we are SUPERSPECIAL and we don't want 4kids and I LOVE MY COUNTRY, GUYS, and strangely, even more so for the fact that WE LIKE FIXING THINGS THAT AREN'T BROKEN just so we can BREAK THEM EVEN MORE! Apparently Bakura has a horrific Southern accent and the dub is even worse than 4kids. Guy who voiced Jounouchi and Mokuba - just two of my favourites, incidentally. I ONLY CLICKED ON HIS NAME because I thought, "HEY IT SOUNDS LIKE A LOCAL NAME!" Imagine my SHOCK AND HORROR and complete JOY to discover that it WAS! And that the actor has a scene in Disney's Enchanted, and will apparently be in Beauty World it is staged in SG in January 2008! XDDDD ariesdraco and I want to go, go :D :D :D JOUNOUCHI (alternatively, D: D: D: Jounouchi WORKS WELL TOO), and HAVE FUN SEEING YGO IN IT! XDXDXD
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