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Lunchtime today found me wandering around the heart of the city trying to find M (my sense of direction, 0, my innate ability to get lost, 1) - M, I am so sorry I wasn't able to catch you in time - but next week, definitely! :))) And hopefully this time I will find the right store instead of going to two wrong places first! (I actually went to Simply Bread first, and then to the wrong Subway. Then I went to the Hitachi Tower and ended up at The Food Barn instead) On the bright side, I'm discovering a lot of new food places? *laughs*

Today I discovered the horror of Fandom Changes Everything when I was calling M and said, "I'm at Yami Yogurt (... you have no idea how difficult it was to type that)." (which was the wrong place to be, both literally and... just, literally) Then I suffered an internal facefault so huge it was akin to the shifting of tectonic plates. Tagline: "Make Every Day a Yami Day".


I just want to say thank you, omg, to little_ribbon: your parcel arrived! ♥ It's been sitting on my dinner table since the day it came, right next to where I sit at the table! :) Thank you so much! *beams* I am saving it for Friday, to open after I have completed the first (half) week at work! ♥ To celebrate surviving the Return to Work - if I get that far, that is! *beams* I honestly do not know what it is, so it's going to be a surprise!

... I feel like opening it now... XDXDXD

nescienx! Thank you so much for the lovely Krispy Kremes, and for taking the time to come down to the city to meet sarahcoldheart and I! Thank you so much for waiting until I managed to get off work - I totally have to buy you a drink the next time we meet - and maybe some FUN SHOES? : ))))

llamrei! ♥ THANK YOU SO MUCH for the adorable polar bear! ♥ He reminded both me and the sibling of Germany's Knut! ♥ I wish I had something better to give you than... really scary yoghurt shop links? And... a YGO site you haven't seen, for another thing? ;)

HH - thanks so much for the reminder, dear, and CONGRATULATIONS! *stars and glitter and confetti!* ♥ ♥ ♥ WE MUST GO CELEBRATE! Dinner's on me! ♥

kali_exorin! ♥ Thank you so much for the birthday wishes - and for playing a big part in turning me into (among other things) a Yami/Kaiba fan (or the other way around, if you prefer!) ♥
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