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I keep wanting to make a COME WATCH GL POST, but I do not think I can do any better than suzimi's introductory GL post here and (not worksafe for brainbreak of the Kamina variety) THIS spoilertastic screencap post of Simon/Viral, Leeron/Viral, Kamina/Simon, Rossiu/Simon LOVE.

IT IS SUCH A CRACK SEND-OFF OF THIS Episode 11 scene where SIMON GOES GARLOCK AND GOES GATTAI WITH ROSSIU (the meaning of GAR) - Simon, my beloved, you're SO KICKASS and :') you're growing up SO MUCH FASTER THAT I THOUGHT YOU WOULD! (Except it seems that adult!Simon's voice was used for baby!Simon's voice at the beginning of this clip... which THEN switched BACK to baby!Simon's voice)

♥ GATTAI with Rossiu CRACKS ME UP TOTALLY (especially when Simon says, "GATTAI DA!" and Rossiu is in that hilariously and probably intentionally compromising position and goes :D! "HAI!". Rossiu's absolute relief to see Simon makes me so happy. ♥

Gurren Lagann: AKA Kids Can Kick Ass, Too.

Courtesy of eiryuu:

WARNING: Spoilers for Gurren Lagann all the way to Episode 27

I was talking to ambiance about Rossiu and I wrote so much that I thought I would put it in a separate post WITH PICTURES.

ROSSIU GREW UP REALLY PRETTY (oh be quiet: the long hair, the suit, the COMPLETELY REPRESSED, UPRIGHT AND UPTIGHT ATTITUDE - it makes me people like me want to get people like him down and dirty and all their inhibitions minus'd to see what sort of person they REALLY ARE underneath it all):

OH MY GOD. ROSSIU. ♥ WHERE DO I START: the part where I am this MASSIVE MASSIVE FAN OF ROSSIU'S SEIYUU (WHO ALSO VOICED WOLFRAM) AND THEREFORE THAT MEANS I CAN NEVER HATE ANY CHARACTER SHE VOICES, or the part where I am a massive Simon/Rossiu fan - OH D8. I am a Kamina/Simon, Simon/Rossiu fan, and Simon/Viral fan. COMPLETELY. AT THE SAME TIME.


First of all, I think he has a good heart. And he has always been the smartest in the Gurren-dan. I have this SPECIAL LOVE in my heart for good administrators (except when they are GLINTY and megane and SECRETLY EVIL), especially when they are the ONLY ONE WITH THE BRAINS IN THE ENTIRE ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWER group. I mean, you need your rebels to BREAK FREE and BURN FOR THE NATION, but you also need your administrators to keep the state running, yeah? Yeah. And also, I think he will make a fabulous President and Simon was totally right to make the Rossiu choices he did.

I think Simon never stopped believing in Rossiu, the silly idealist (Simon, I mean), and thank Kamina for that. ♥ I think Simon fundamentally wants to believe in people, and he knew there was good in Rossiu and didn't want Rossiu to destroy that in himself.

I think Rossiu is essentially a good person with his heart in the right place, and I really do believe that at all times, he thought he was doing the right thing. I do not think there is evil in him, he genuinely believed that he was doing the right thing, making the hard choice, so that things would be better for everyone else. I can forgive someone for doing wrong if they were trying to do right.

People who are "OMG ROSSIU SUCKS" kind of break my heart, a lot. I think they are doing a lot of disservice to a complex character. I am sad that Rossiu could not break out of his upbringing - episode 5 is DAMN IMPORTANT in this regard oh my God. It's like Rossiu's past is this massive shadow hanging over him that he has never been able to shake off, despite how distasteful he thinks its principles were. Or did think, once upon a time. It's kind of sad to see that the sort of thing that made Rossiu ON FIRE WITH INDIGNATION when he was younger was the sort of injustice he grew up to perpetuate, but it's what makes him fascinating.

And the sad thing, you know, is that if you were a utilitarian you would think that ROSSIU WAS TOTALLY RIGHT.

Also: I am happy that Rossiu tried to kill himself, and even happier that Simon succeeded in stopping him. I would have been VERY UPSET if Rossiu had succeeded in killing himself, because EXCUSE ME I LOST KAMINA I DON'T WANT TO LOSE ANY MORE PEOPLE I LOVE, OKAY, and I think Simon can TOTALLY RELATE and that's why Simon did what he did.

I am happy Rossiu tried to kill himself because, once you realise you've made a mistake you try to make it *right*, and even if KILLING YOURSELF is the only way you know to make things right, you do it. I think Rossiu tried to kill himself because he knew that there was no way to make right the things he'd done.


SO OMG, I CANNOT HATE ROSSIU. ALSO he is voiced by SAIGA MITSUKI AKA the only woman seiyuu my heart will ever truly belong to, the seiyuu who voiced Wolfram, and I will love her forever and I CAN NOT EVER TRULY HATE ANYBODY SHE HAS LENT HER VOICE AND GIVEN LIFE TO. Admittedly I do not love Rossiu as much as I love Wolfram, but I do not think I will ever love any anime character as much as I love Wolfram. XDXDXD

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