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GL makes me Stupid

I've mostly always felt blessed for growing up with brothers, but never more so when I realise that because of them I've learnt things and had experiences that I never would have had on my own or with sisters.
Take card games, for example. I never would have learnt to play card games without the siblings, and certainly not card games like Magic: The Gathering. All three of us were into it at the same time, and that meant you always had fellow Magic players on tap, as it were: you never needed to break up games to go home (only to go for dinner, and then you could always resume), you could play anytime anyday, you just had to be at home. :D And you could inherit cards your fellow players didn't want anymore. :D

YGO would probably not hold about a third as much fun for me if it didn't make me relive my old duelist Magic: The Gathering days. I didn't realise I'd made good memories of those days until I picked up YGO. What I remembered before that point was that I wasn't a very good loser. *wry smile* I played with my brothers and seniors in school. I have never played Magic with a girl. I wonder if I'm missing out on anything, but I've only ever played it with guys. I didn't meet a girl who played Magic until I was out of it.

But oh God. Card games are like World of Warcraft, only worse, because WOW is subscription-only, and doesn't require you to keep spending money to upgrade what you can do. That only requires time. I could talk seriously for ever about card games of the Magic ilk, which means I could talk forever about the YGO card game. Being a talented player really isn't enough, when it comes to card games: you need to keep improving (a) your deck, (b) your skills; and that requires (a) money, (b) time. To be really good takes money, time, and effort, not to mention dedication. So whenever I see Jou and Yuugi going off to practice I am YES GUYS THAT IS TOTALLY THE WAY, because nobody is ever instinctively good at these things.

Also, GL makes me stupid. I was emailing someone with THAT INCENDIARY GL spoiler about THAT which shall Not Be Mentioned in Episode 8, and I was so distracted with D: at it that I emailed myself instead of the person I was intending to email. I break my own heart, especially when I went ? what is this email I have sent myself?

< / end stupid > < start more stupid >

Either GL makes me stupid, or a lot of Christmas shopping and fighting Christmas crowds does. BUT BUT BUT I have ALL THE PRESENTS I NEED TO GET, except now I am HORRIBLY EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS because:

(1) I want to open MY presents
(2) I want to open OTHER PEOPLES' PRESENTS D:
- NAMELY when I get other people things that I know they want BUT WHICH I ALSO WANT
(3) I want people to open the presents I got for them so I can see whether they like it
(5) And this year, more than any other year, for CERTAIN PEOPLE, I AM DAMN WORRIED that what I got them WILL BE THE EXACT SAME THING THEY GOT ME.


I also have VOLUME 6 OF YGO MILLENIUM WORLD (which I got for myself to risax and anyasy's horror), for which I AM VERY HAPPY AND VINDICATED and full of Memory World arc happiness and plot satisfaction.

The reason Book 6 of the YGO Memory World arc was FULL OF AWESOME:

This is the Yami no Bakura/Yuugi FINAL FIGHT before getting to the room with Atem's name in it, and in the ancient world it is the final battle with Zorc. SO MUCH AWESOME, and here's why:

(1) It's the arc where Seto chooses his duty to Atem over supplanting the Pharaoh. I HAVE NEVER LOVED SETO MORE, OH MY GOD. There is Akunadin saying SETO WE ARE TO THE PHARAOH AS DARKNESS IS TO LIGHT, KILL THE PHARAOH AND TAKE HIS PLACE, and Seto, ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT HESITATION, goes "I revered you when you served the Pharaoh but now that you have chosen the side of darkness YOU ARE NOW MY ENEMY!" I cannot in all honesty call this dedication to Atem per se, but rather his complete dedication to his duty, but I go all :') oh my God, I am so happy that he is with Atem COMPLETELY.

(2) Also I have never gotten over the awesome that is Atem and Seto being cousins in the Memory World arc. IT IS LIKE KAIBA AND YUUGI BEING COUSINS EXCEPT ONLY WITH EXTRA FATE AND SO MUCH MORE AWESOME. I SO BADLY WANT TO WRITE FIC OF THIS, except I am terrified of getting the dynamics wrong.

(3) If for no other reason, IT IS WHERE YAMI FINDS HIS TRUE NAME. There is ONE WHOLE PAGE DEDICATED TO NOTHING but the Pharaoh speaking the name he has found after struggling and fighting for so long for its sake AND IT IS THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER. I would need to OWN this book simply for it having THAT PAGE.

(4) I love Bakura to pieces, but this book really made me want to strangle his yami SO DAMN HARD. If I was the sort of person given to giving in to violent passions (and if I had not paid for the book and would like to keep it and keep it in good condition, really) I would have hurled the book out of the window at several junctures during the Yami no Bakura/Yuugi fight simply to express my displeasure at Bakura. I THINK I NEED A WHOLE POST TO VENT. I cannot imagine Ryou living with that kind of evil inside of him. I can't imagine he can be untouched by it.

I can best describe the Entire Afternoon Escapade by:

*risax and I waiting for anyasy, perhaps unwisely, in the English manga *section"Me: *PERKS UP* OH LOOK! YGO!
risax: OH GOD!
risax: *is irradiated, texts anyasy with MOUNTING HORROR, saying, "HELP COME SAVE ME, SHE'S GOING CRAZY."
anyasy's reply: Sedatives go!

Later, while the three of us were attempting to find an appropriate cookery book, I in my enthusiasm misplaced said YGO book.
Me: ... wait! I've misplaced my YGO book!
anyasy and risax: OH THANK GOD.

But it was SO UNBELIEVABLY GOOD to see anyasy and risax again, who are two of my most favourite people in the entire world, and this is especially so when the three of us have managed to qualify and domicile ourselves in three entirely different jurisdictions in three entirely different time zones, so I hardly see them half as much as I would like. If I had to choose the two people I could be trapped with for all eternity in a bookstore with it would be the two of them, although I am 100% sure that neither of them would choose me, especially if there were YGO books in the same said bookstore of eternity. :D THANK YOU the both of you for putting up with my XD and ALL MY CRAZY FANDOMS and for being the voices of reason in my Christmas present selection! :D
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