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The Greatest Game Every Played (... IS THE GAME OF LOVE! XD not what this post is about.)

If you read through all of this post: it is likely to be (a) the geekiest post you have ever read, (b) among the Top 10 Geekiest Posts You Will Ever Read. (If it is not, I will feel so much better)

This post is about the most epic game of Magic: The Gathering the siblings and I ever played. Please understand that we were all very young - I don't think all of us were in our teens yet, when we played this game, so don't expect epic on the levels of professional magic playing. What got me thinking about this was when I was reading Book 6 of Millenium World was looking at the Yami no Bakura's deck and going OH GOD I WOULD HATE THIS PERSON IF I WERE PLAYING AGAINST HIM. Bakura's deck is undead undead and MORE UNDEAD, and if YGO is anything like Magic the Undead-type cards have some of the dirtiest tricks ever known to man.

And then I remembered the Game to End All Games (in this house, at least), and how I won that one with an undead card. *wry smile* Well. In a manner of speaking. I remember this game really well because it was one of the very few that I won (I can tell you a lot of games I lost with AWESOME STUPID), and also because there were epic and stunning reversals throughout the last fifteen minutes of play.

Magic games are extremely exhausting and can take up to hours to complete, especially if you start off with the usual 40 life (we're not like YGO, we don't play with MILLIONS of life/attack/defence points. We Keep It Simple, Silly. :D), because before you even summon ANYTHING to play with, you need to SUMMON YOUR LANDS. And as you can only put one land in play each turn, THIS. TAKES. A . VERY. VERY . LONG TIME.

This particular game was taking forever, so the Sibling With the Best Cards decided to make quick work of it and played Armageddon. This means all lands in play are destroyed. A++++. When playing with traditional cards this kind of behaviour is called "FAILING MATH", by which we mean "FAILING AT LIFE". Amidst outraged shouts of "OI!" from his victims (i.e. the both of us), said sibling them played Wrath of God, which was the Fifth-edition version, not the current version, which was, BURY ALL CREATURES. SO, TRIPLE A+++++: ALL LANDS GONE, ALL CREATURES GONE, WE CAN ALL GO HOME NOW, EXCEPT THAT WE WERE ALREADY HOME.

Normally the game would have ended THERE, EXCEPT THAT in VERY few turns THE OTHER SIBLING SOMEHOW MANAGED TO play Lhurgoyf, a card that still makes me shudder when I look at it (FANGS for the memories, dude). Lhurgoyf's SUPER-SPECIAL ability is "Lhurgoyf's power is equal to the number of creature cards in all graveyards and its toughness is equal to that number plus 1." In our context, especially when First Sibling had ARMAGEDDON'D AND WRATH OF GOD'D US ALL TO OBLIVION, THIS MEANT THAT sibling's' Lhurgoyf was a 42/43 creature. (and yes, the horror of THAT particular turn of events seared itself into my mind such that I remember the EXACT power of that creature).

This, too, would normally mean END OF GAME EVERYBODY PACK UP AND GO HOME, because having a 42/43 creature running about on the board when everybody else has BARELY ANY CARDS and NEARLY NO CREATURES capable of blocking and BARELY ANY MANA to summon ANY SPELLS, this means you can quite easily wipe out everybody in game by the simple expedient of ATTACKING EVERY TURN while everyone sits and wrings their hands because THERE AIN'T NOTHING THEY CAN DO.

What happened next is why, when I read Book 6 of the Memory World arc, when Yuugi is TOTALLY GOING TO LOSE and Jounouchi yells at him "YUUGI A TRUE DUELIST DOESN'T GIVE UP UNTIL HE DRAWS HIS LAST CARD" I went ♥ OH MY GOD THAT IS SO TRUE, because you NEVER know how quickly the tables can turn when you're playing a game.

After the sibling had called up THAT monster, I was COMPLETELY STRICKEN (as only children playing card games can be) because the next turn was mine, and there was ABSOLUTELY nothing I could think of to do but SIT THERE AND WAIT TO BE KILLED. So in COMPLETE DESPERATION - and to make it look like I was doing something - I went and shuffled through my graveyard (where all DEAD CARDS GO TO DIE WHEN MY BROTHERS HAVE SENT THEM THERE), and I found the Nekrataal. I can't for the life of me remember what card I played to get it back, but I remember that I had to sacrifice life points to do it, but it had to be done, because Nekrataal's SUPER SPECIAL ABILITY is, "First strike (that means you can play it whenever it comes into the game) When Nekrataal comes into play, destroy target nonartifact, nonblack creature. That creature can't be regenerated."

THAT was how I managed to destroy a 42/43 creature with a 2/1 creature, which ended the game. THIS GOES TO SHOW THAT SIZE (and power!) DOESN'T MATTER, IT'S WHAT YOU CAN DO THAT COUNTS.

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