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Beyond These Walls, or, What Happened on Saturday Night

Serry Next Door is getting a degree in Being Evil to Me.

And he is graduating with honours.

All I did was put my tray back in the tray rack when Serry Next Door was standing there. That was all I did. I should have gone with my feeling that I ought to wait until Serry Next Door moved away. But no, I didn't, and so I paid for it.

Saw Aikido Boy sitting next to Serry Next Door. Was ^___!!!!____^, because I hadn't seen him for a while. Aikido Boy comes from where I come from, and he's six years older than I am.

"You two know each other!" said Serry Next Door, surprised.

"Yes, we do," I said. "You two know each other!"

"He's your boyfriend!" yelled Serry Next Door, instantly.

"He's not!" I spluttered.

"Kiss him, then!" shouted Serry Next Door.

In the cafeteria.

I attempted to strangle Serry Next Door, but I failed. *sob*

WHY do I feel like I just walked into Ratal High?

I should stop writing. If everything I put into words turns real like this, it is going to be -

Waiiiit. But then I can write L/S, yes?

Me: "Are you going out tonight?"

Him: "No, just going out for a drink."

*looks at me*

Him: "Are you going out tonight, or lying on the floor and laughing
with your friends?"

Me: "I do NOT!!!"

Him: *rolls eyes* "Yeah, sure... When you're drunk, you forget everything that you did, or that's happened to you. So you forgot."

Me: "Have you been drunk before?"

Him: "Yes. And I've forgotten everything."

(Yeah, up to and including Lev's name. No wonder you didn't recognize it.)

Me: "I've never been drunk."

Him: "You've only forgotten it..."



Serry Next Door, it's not that you're especially loud at night, or, well... I've been an evil next-door hallmate, too - what with talking on the phone so much, so that the poor girl downstairs can hear me, but you playing R&B songs that loud really does shatter the whole Elf of Ratal image.

And. The saxophone last night. That was you. That was you.

After the Serry debacle:

Was in Computer Whiz's room when discovered that he had had a roommmate just like Serry Next Door when he was in his first year, just as I do. Apparently there is something about French students who live next door to people who like anime. They all will like hip-hop and R&B, just as Serry Next Door does, and just like Rodney who lived Next Door to Computer Whiz did. Although Computer Whiz was a lot more proactive than I did. He would blast music when Rodney began acting up, and he played me some of the music. One of the songs was the squeakiest anime song I have ever heard, worse even than That Ranma Baka song which ranchelle subjected Ratal to. So pop that the soap bubbles were audible. Then Bloom and Aikido Guy came into the room. And. And. Computer Whiz's parents called. So Aikido Guy obliged by shrieking at the top of his voice, and whimpering, "Don't hurt meeeeeeee..." as loud as he could.

"What's that?" asked Computer Whiz's mom.

"Nothing!" yelled CW, glaring at Aikido Boy. Giggling, Bloom, AB and I left for AB's room, from which Aikido Boy performed a truly astounding repeat of "Don't Hurt Me!" and a new Cry for Help, which was, "No! Not the whip! Not the whip!" After which, CW came dashing into the room, and swore, "Revenge will be swift. I promise."

Bloom promised to help Computer Whiz steal Aikido Boy's Turkish Sword so that the Whiz could do to Aikido Boy what Johnny Depp is supposedly doing to Orlando Bloom in the Extended Edition of Pirates of the Caribbean. Why does everyone need so much discipline?

Nemo Stealer's friend asked to borrow my Nemo. Did so.

Was asked out to pub tonight. Said no, as Bloom, Aikido Guy and Computer Whiz were going to catch up the Extended Edition of LOTR, but Lucien evilly put me onto the phone with Alexandria, whose powers of persuasion are completely outstanding.

Me: "I'll go the next time!"

Alexandria: "You're snubbing us! We're not good enough for you! Swear on my life that you're going out the next time! If you don't, I'll have to commit suicide!"

And they weren't drunk yet.

Went to pub. Alexandria informed me on the way there that I should try lying on the floor outside the pub. "Have you done it before?" I asked. "Yes," she said. "We were drunk."

"Did anyone ask you to get off the floor?" I asked.

"Yes," she said. "The fellow in the car who almost ran us over."

Discovered Lucien danced with Literature Boy when Avril Lavigne's "Sk8ter Boi" was playing at a club. Saw Literature Boy turn around, look at Lucien, and say, "That's a whole different game" when Lucien thwacked him on the - shall we leave that out - with a rolled up Student Newspaper whose inset, I later discovered, featured Orlando Bloom.

Lucien bought me a pint. I must have drunk some 5% of it. Am not cut out to be hobbit. But I should not have drunk it in mouthfuls. Feel slightly odd. Lucien said that the male model on the last page of the Orlando Bloom feature was good-looking, which resulted in Literature Boy taking Lucien's cigarette lighter and attempting to burn out said model's eyes. "You're jealous," said Lucien, after which he informed Alexandria and I, "Because he's in love with me."

Later ran into Intro to Law tutorial mate while in pub.

Came back and went to get Nemo back. "She can't live without this fish," said Nemo Stealer. "You know like fish and water? It's her and Nemo." Then, to be evil, he went, "This is Ickle [my real name]. (there's another person with my name on this floor) She's Our Goddess, and [a girl in the room] is a Our Slag."

Unfortunate Friend of Nemo Stealer, "I am a slag."
Me: "No, you're not! He just says these things!"
Unfortunate Friend: "Yes, I am."

Excuse my boring all of you.

3.02am: Just got back from Bloom's room. Watched the Extended Edition of Fellowship of the Ring for the 29th time.

Watched it with Aikido Boy, Computer Whiz and Bloom. Aikido Boy decided he wanted to be Aragorn, and Computer Whiz decided he wanted to be Legolas. Bloom was watching the Boromir death scene, where he says, "My brother, my captain, my king..." And she said, "My idol... My ideal husband!"

Computer Whiz looked at her. "He didn't actually say that."

Bloom: "But he could have!"

*she considers it*

"But that Legolas. He looks like he bats for the other team."

*The Darker Side of Me Is Celebrating*

After which, we straightened Computer Whiz's hair. He has this curling blond hair, and Bloom's straightened it before, with this hair-straightening device I've only ever seen in London. But I've not seen it yet, and tonight this morning, I got to. It was at about 2.30am, we managed to persuade Computer Whiz to get his hair straightened. Again.

"So you can look just like Legolas!" I said. XDDDDDD

Our Legolas said he didn't want to wake up next to our Aragorn.

Most Interesting Question of the night/morning: "You mean Darth Vader's got children?!?!"


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