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Deck the Hall (With Much Insanity)

*is shaky*


I don't honestly know how this happened.

lazydreamweaver we love you. *hugs fiercely*

From last Wednesday night until this Sunday afternoon I Have Done No Work At All. And lectures do not count because I was forced to be there.

Settled down to read my utterly delightful Property notes when I was startled by a knock at the door. It was Nemo Stealer, who had straightened his hair. Those straightening irons see a lot of work done in my hall, yes, they do. His friend, Nemo Stealer #2, had done it, along with Nemo Stealer's Other Friend. Ended up in his room, was dispatched to borrow hair gel from Boy Who Inadvertently Saw Slash, and watched with much bemusement as both of Nemo Stealer's friends gelled his hair.

Ended up in hallway with Mitzi, Nemo Stealer and Nemo Stealer #2. Mitzi is amazing.

Nemo Stealer: "I know my preferences!"
(Mitzi believes all of us are inherently bisexual. Just like the Girl Who Slashes Hallmates.)

Mitzi: "Preferences for what?"

Nemo Stealer #2 got Nemo Stealer to walk down the hall so Mitzi and I could observe his rather girly walk.

My small size encourages Nemo Stealer to pick me up. I feel so tiny.

Went up to Bloom's room. She is incredible. She managed to get 20p off every single one of the 24 bottles of Coca Cola she purchased from our supermarket nearby. She also straightened my hair while Aikido Boy and Computer Whiz watched. My hair, steaming, smells like raisins.

Boy Who Inadvertently Saw Slash knocked on my door and asked to me to check if my Internet connection was working. He's worried that his drunken friends accessing midget p0rn on his computer has caused the Hall to shut down his connection, as this has happened before. Lucien and Literature Boy hijacked his computer last night, logged on to MSN, said extremely questionable things to friends on his MSN account. Was treated to queries that had me asking, "Are you drunk?" last night. Poor boy apologised this morning.

Thief about in the halls. Also learnt from Computer Whiz that a girl was kidnapped from the first floor of this hall last year. Unfortunately he was not joking. Also Computer Whiz lent Perfect Blue to a German hallmate as an introduction to anime and traumatised said hallmate for life. "I'll never visit Japan!" was said hallmate's anguished cry.

Also is true that men never comment on what you've done with your hair until you ask.

neversilent's Legolas icons have got to be among the most breathtaking I've ever seen.

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