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trust me
sun ain't gonna shine anymore, moon ain't gonna rise in the sky 
11th-Jan-2008 01:55 am
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
One day, I will explain exactly how the conduct of litigation is exactly like a game of Duel Monsters, or Magic: The Gathering, or any combat-oriented card game, really, with the first player as the Plaintiff and the second player as the Defendant, and instead of shouting, "IT'S MY TURN!" the parties go, "IT'S MY TURN... TO SERVE INTERROGATORIES!" "REQUEST for Further and Better Particulars!" "No, I make an ORDER for F&BP!" "AGHHHHH!!! I have to give discovery!!"

... oh God, I could clean up an entire battle from YGO manga scans and rework it for litigation! 0________________________0 AND IT WOULD WORK!

Oh, trust me, it really is very exciting. And then after that I would write the post about why I simply can't do the Puzzleshipping thing despite it being the thing I started reading YGO for, because it is just too much like the life of a trainee lawyer. This really will make sense when I explain it, but not today. Because I was in the office at 8.30am and I was still at my desk after handing work I was given today in at 10.15pm when I got a call about work, and it is now 2.05am and I am typing this with an 360+++page affidavit in my lap.

Main similarity between the life of a trainee lawyer and puzzleshipping? You spend a lot of time doing impossible things for your aibou.

Main difference? IRL, when your aibou says JUMP, you don't ASK how high, you just say, FROM WHERE, HOW LONG DO YOU WANT ME TO STAY IN THE AIR, and Do You Want the Moon and Stars on My Way Down? And you say it with a smile.

SO! Because someone special asked: this isn't actually the answer, but one day I will get the courage to post it (and there will be great D: when I do). And until then I will work up my courage by posting in tiny pieces!

I wrote this during last year's examinations, when I only knew the vaguest outlines of YGO's Millenium Kingdom/Memory Arc canon. I knew next to nothing, but I really wanted to capture my idea of what I thought would happen before seeing how the mangaka actually made it happen, so I wrote this. I had a lot of fun writing it, probably for all the wrong reasons.

WARNING: SPOILERS for the YGO Egyptian Arc, (just a little, I think I was shockingly accurate in my predications for some parts), and canon-breaking because I didn't know what Atem and Seth were like when I wrote it. So I imagined characterisation for them the way I wanted it and this is what I got.

Characters: Atem and Seth.
Rating: Completely G.
Word-count: 826

author's note: Key differences between the story and YGO canon

(a) I didn't know that Atem and Seth were cousins when I wrote this, so Atem and Seth don't know they're cousins. Just like they didn't know for most of the Egyptian arc.

(b) I didn't know there was such a wide age gap between Atem and Seto. Canonically, Atem's a baby when Seto's a child, and Atem's a young boy/teenager when Seto is a young man. In the story I wrote a two-to-three year age difference.

(c) oh God the characterisation. Canon!Atem turned out so different from the way I wrote him. I wrote him mischievious and laughing and as different from Seto as possible. Canon!Seto, on the other hand, was surprisingly close to the way I imagined him.

( sun and moon )

They are children when they first meet, not yet the Pharaoh and the High Priest, for it is early yet in their lives, and the halls of power are as distant from them as the sun in the sky. They are just Atem and Seth, the youngest children in the Palace.

Even at that age, Seth is serious and reserved. He is a quiet child, often given to introspection. Some might call him standoffish, did it not seem more than slightly ridiculous to call a child of eight standoffish.

Atem knows better, though. He knows Seth isn’t standoffish, and neither is he shy, as some of the mothers think. Atem knows that Seth is neither of these things, and also that it is simply that there are not many things that interest him.

The simple monotony of the Palace life doesn’t disagree with Seth, but Atem chafes at it, as only a child can do. Atem is to Seth as day is to night: lively where Seth is still, talking from sun-up to sun-set where Seth tends to be silent, save for a few sharp words to him where he feels that Atem is being disruptive, which is almost all the time. No one stops Seth, though – privately, many feel that Atem, future Pharaoh or not, still has a lot to learn, and it might just as well be Seth who teaches it to him.

As the years march on they grow into their separate lives and the separate paths they will take through life, but somehow they remain always in each other’s orbit. Atem seeks Seth out, and Seth suffers his presence, and in that gives Atem more than he has given almost anyone whom he encounters. Seth does not suffer fools gladly, and he has remarked often enough that Atem is an exception, a habit – if not a disease – acquired with time.

Atem is fifteen when he is anointed Pharaoh, and Seth, to his intense annoyance, is ordained High Priest alongside him.

Just as the Pharaoh had predicted, the kingdom's newest High Priest was not pleased.

“With you as Pharaoh, I’m going to have to do everything in this kingdom!”

To this Atem laughs, and leans over to kiss the newest High Priest’s cheek. He laughs harder yet when Seth recoils as if he’s been struck by a viper.

Seth grumbles to him later that his appointment was as much due to his own abilities as it was to the fact that he is the only one who can really keep the Pharaoh in check.

At this Atem laughs, but Atem is always laughing.

Atem conquers and Seth consolidates. The priesthood suits Seth, with its rituals and adherence to order, just as the battlefield and the ever-changing rules of politics suit Atem. To each his own, and to both the ruling of Egypt. They’re both very good at the games they play. They have to be, and it’s just as well, because power is just another game, after all.

They make a good pair, it is said, and they do. They argue, but it is common for brilliant men who feel strongly about their own opinions to argue. There is something about the radiance of Atem’s sun that seems to find its balance and its touchstone with Seth’s calm and quiet.

The bright years do not last long undimmed, however, and in the third year of Atem’s reign, darkness descends over the land in the shape of vengeance held too long in abeyance and in the form of a demon no one knows how to defeat.

The final desperate plan is unexpected, and comes from the last person anyone would have thought could have come up with it. It is whispered later that the High Priest thought of it first, but that he refused to pay its price. However it happened, it was the Pharaoh who devised it, and as the Pharaoh predicted, his High Priest is to say the least, not happy with his plan.

“Over my dead body!” snarled Seth, when the Pharaoh first tells him of what he intended to do.

Atem knew he would react this way. After all, the High Priest was one of those charged personally with securing the Pharaoh’s life with his own. What Atem was proposing would have been a slap in the face to anyone who took their duty as seriously as Seth did.

“No, Seth,” says Atem, gently. “Over mine.”

Seth glares at him, and in that moment the Pharaoh feels everything his High Priest cannot say to him, all unspoken in the furious glare from those brilliant blue eyes.

The High Priest storms out of the room, but the Pharaoh knows that he’ll come around.

He has to. There’s no other way.

When it all falls apart, someone has to be left to pick up the pieces, put them back together, and carry on.

Atem is the sun, after all, but even that sun must set sometime, and the moon rise to take its place.
10th-Jan-2008 08:33 pm (UTC)
With you as Pharaoh, I’m going to have to do everything in this kingdom!”

You almost made me like Seth. *grin!*

That line is so perfect.

Atem is the sun, after all, but even that sun must set sometime, and the moon rise to take its place.


I have such a weak spot for anything related to ancient Egypt! xD Adding references to the sun and the moon (♥!) to add just makes me go *____* even more...? *laughs!*

I really liked this! I learned a lot in those 800-ish words! xD I didn't know Seto was meant to be Set until now, either! *facepalm!*

Edited at 2008-01-10 08:36 pm (UTC)
11th-Jan-2008 01:35 am (UTC)
I keep meaning to clean up the Egypt scans for you so you can see how awesome Ancient Egypt!Atem and Seth and everyone else is, but work keeps getting in the way! Arghhhh!

Seth is actually not unlikeable in the manga. He's extremely loyal to Atem when he doesn't need to be, and stays loyal to him despite people going, "HERE! HAVE POWER! TAKE IT, IT'S YOURS! Be the Pharaoh!" and Seth is D: I WILL NOT SELL MY SOUL TO EVIL.

In the YGO manga, Mokuba and Kaiba - who are brothers - are very loyal to each other, the sort of I'll-do-anything-for-you kind. It makes me wonder whether, if Seth knew that he was Atem's cousin, whether they have been as close. Unlikely, but I like to imagine.

... I read the Wikipedia entry on Horus while doing research, and my brain broke in a thousand places.

After writing the fic I realised that the sun and moon are strangely enough, appropriately symbolic in ways that I didn't intend but actually really fit. Probably better than if I'd actually gone and chosen something out of Egyptian mythology!

I actually get very intimidated when trying to write Ancient Egypt anything because I know very little about it and have to do a fair bit of research before I can even write the slightest thing. And then I decided I'd just put the story first and the history would be worked in where possible.
11th-Jan-2008 09:01 am (UTC)
I already think Atem is awesome! xD I can be patient...? No worries! Work > YGO, unfortunately! (IT DRIVES ME JUST AS INSANE AS IT DOES YOU! GAAH! I have so many comments I still need to reply to!) *pat pat!*

Seth is actually not unlikeable in the manga.

This s-surprised me. O.o; You do make him sound very likeable... I'm going to have to change the way I think about him, then? I originally thought he'd be just like Kaiba. *grin!* I don't really like Kaiba very much (...only when he is being Yami's indignant uke do I like him? IT IS PROBABLY OOC! xD).

I KNEW MOKUBA IS KAIBA'S LITTLE BROTHER! *beams with pride!* Maybe if Seth had known they were related things would have been a little different... I DON'T KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT THEM. MUST FIND OUT MORE. MOAAAAR. O.o;

... Set is the one who poked out Horus' eye, isn't he? xD I know more about Greek gods and myths, unfortunately. I like Egyptology better, though. It's just that there is SO MUCH OF IT, and it is like reading kyou_kara_maou: "SET WAS TOTALLY GAY WITH HORUS!" vs. "CONRAD REALLY LOVES MURATA!", you know? ^^; My favourite is Anubis. ♥ (WHO I THINK IS SAID TO HAVE BEEN SET'S SON - BUT SET WAS INFERTILE SO THEY BLAMED OSIRIS INSTEAD? xD)

I actually get very intimidated when trying to write Ancient Egypt anything because I know very little about it and have to do a fair bit of research before I can even write the slightest thing.

There's so much about Ancient Egypt that isn't set in stone, though! (LOL PUN?!) I wish I'd learned more about Egypt during History. If I were university student material I would love to study Egyptology. O.o (... that or something with antiques, which will probably surprise you? *grin!*) EUROPEAN HISTORY IS SO BORING AND DEPRESSIVE! One day you'll have to tell me what you like about it so much. It might make me appreciate it more. ^^;

... I am totally stuck reading that Wikipedia page on Horus now. HORUS/SET OTP.
12th-Jan-2008 01:59 am (UTC) - GUESS WHAT SWEETIE ;D
Atem is REALLY awesome. ♥ I love him so much. It's kind of weird: I adore Yuugi, and I adore Atem, but somehow Yami... I don't like so much. *laughs* I LOVED Yami when he was CRAZY and just came out of the puzzle, but then he started becoming nicer and then I was, "BORING DESU NO." I get my nice from Yuugi. I WANT SOMETHING ELSE from the OTHER him.


Seth is AMAZING! When Atem gets lost, he is "FIND THE PHARAOH! EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO DRAIN THE NILE DRY!" and then when Priest Akhenaden (you'll know him as a Really Bad Guy) tells him "SETO! TAKE OVER THE PHARAOH'S PLACE!" Seto is, "No! The Pharaoh will come back! I know it!" ♥ IT'S SO CUTE, REALLY. And Seto wants to be like Akhenaden because he wants to be the person that protects the Pharaoh. *giggles*

The more you find out about Kaiba, the more you'll find out that Seth is a lot like Kaiba. There is a lot of good in Kaiba, buried under the I WILL KILL YOU NOW duelist. I'll show you! There is this amazing part in the manga where Yami is getting his ass kicked by Malik (another duelist) and he is, "... I'M GOING TO LOSE!" and kind of goes blank, and then Kaiba turns up and yells "WHERE IS YOUR DUELIST'S PRIDE?! You can beat him! ONLY I CAN BEAT YOU!" and then Seto thinks, Can't you see that our battle together goes farther than the eye can see? And then Yami is "OKAY! I CAN BEAT HIM!"


ALSO there is this part in the manga where Kaiba and Yami TEAM UP TO FIGHT PEOPLE. And Kaiba goes, "Yuugi and I will pair up!" I LAUGHED SO HARD.

Trust me, I didn't like Kaiba at first! I was, "WHAT DO PEOPLE SEE IN THIS IDIOT?!" until I saw it, too. I'LL HELP YOU SEE THROUGH MY EYES.

It's just that there is SO MUCH OF IT, and it is like reading kyou_kara_maou: "SET WAS TOTALLY GAY WITH HORUS!"

*laughs* You know that Wikipedia entry on Horus?! DID IT NOT READ LIKE REALLY EXPLICIT YAOI FANFICTION?! Is this ACTUALLY TRUE or something an Egyptologist yaoi fangirl cooked up? Because it's so... it's so... it really is just like a yaoi novel. With power struggles and who-semes-who issues!

! Hahahaha, the reason I like European history (nearly typed Egyptian history) is probably because it isn't mine, and it doesn't bore me because it's completely new and fascinating to me. If you grew up in that historical background where you had to learn it in school and all that, and you grew up steeped in it, it probably won't be very fascinating to you, because you know everything already. Or know most of it already. It's like me and Chinese history. Chinese history bores me so much because I had to learn so much of it during Mandarin lessons and I hated the language and everything I was forced to learn through it.

I do love the history of my own country, through, precisely because it was so interesting. Malaysia and Singapore were invaded by the Japanese during World War II, and it's one of my big interest areas because it actually impacted the lives of my family in a horrible way. So when I learn more about history I'm actually learning more about the events that shaped my family. It makes it real because I know that even though these events happened long ago, they shaped the world of today.
11th-Jan-2008 07:01 am (UTC)
With you as Pharaoh, I’m going to have to do everything in this kingdom!”

You almost made me like Seth. *grin!*

I think it was because I wrote him like Wolfram, here. You know, the whole shouty subordinate having to look after a baka king scenario? I could probably take Seth's dialogue and give it to Wolfram and probably no one would be able to tell the difference.
11th-Jan-2008 09:03 am (UTC)
xD I didn't realise it while I was reading, though!

... besides, Wolfram is much prettier than Seth could ever be. *grin!* (I don't know why I added this - it just seemed right to point out Wolfram's superior prettiness?)
12th-Jan-2008 02:03 am (UTC)
♥ I didn't realise it when I was writing it! ;) Hee.

Seth can be pretty... when drawn by doujin artists. ;) But it's not really Seth's place to be pretty: he's the strong, usually-silent enduring type. Certain doujin draw him like Conrad: I should show you a few. The really pretty Kaiba art draws him like Conrad, and since they look the same, the pretty Seth art draws him like that too.

But in canon manga, no. *laughs* That's the difference between manga drawn by a girl, like Kyou Kara Maou, and manga drawn by a guy, like Yu-Gi-Oh. Also remember that YGO was drawn in the 1990s, so the art style and comic techniques were different in those days. KKM is super-pretty-boys drawn in the modern styles that we like now, whereas YGO was a shounen series: very different art. ;)

SUCH A PITY, THOUGH. I was thinking about all the pretty art that would have TOTALLY happened if the YGO mangaka had been a girl! EVERYBODY WOULD HAVE BEEN GORGEOUS and there would have been a lot of poses where the characters lay prettily on a bed of cards or had cards in their mouths or tucked into their tight jeans pockets. You know. ;)
11th-Jan-2008 05:30 am (UTC)
Oh Atem ;;
11th-Jan-2008 06:43 am (UTC) - have my heartbreak icon~
Your icon is so pretty! And so emo! ♥ I love it. IT'S NAMI FROM ONE PIECE?! (had to check your icon tag, couldn't recognise it: heeeeey you recoloured your default icon?)

I know, omg. Even in my AU his is not a happy ending.

... it seems to fit better, somehow.
11th-Jan-2008 07:45 am (UTC)
ISN'T IT. I found it and was all "Omg. Nami. ♥!" Loev One Piece. T^Tb (Yeah, I recently got Photoshop, and kinda went crazy with it. 8D)

Poor dear Pharaoh. ;;

Well, Atem kinda has an emo past. :(
11th-Jan-2008 08:28 am (UTC)
If I were the one using the icon I would be tagging it "Pretty When You Cry" because I'm just WRONG that way. :)

(It's pretty! And well-done for you being relatively new to it! :) I've always meant to ask, who is she? I always logically deduced she must be Renge, but she looks so... different, if so?)

True! Poor Pharaoh. I want to make things better for him! ... even if they do end the same way, but it's a HAPPIER ending? ... a little?

XDXDXD I LOVE THE EMO PAST. ♥ *is sadist at heart*
11th-Jan-2008 08:32 am (UTC)
Well, she IS pretty when she cries, but I'm replacing icons, so I use the same keywords as I had before. |D

(Aahahahaha! XD No, s'not Renge. It's Kaname from Full Metal Panic! I got pretty pretty scans from the Dragon Magazine where the FMP!novel gets published, so I decided to crop the picture. It was originally purple, so I just took it and blurred it a bit. Now that I have photoshop, I just played around with the colors and voila! |Db And thank you. ♥)

XD Maybe! God, I think without the emo past, I possibly wouldn't wanna hug and pet him so much. :( His psycho side makes me wanna kiss him and then noogie him. :Db
11th-Jan-2008 08:39 am (UTC)
Sometimes when I want to use multiple keywords I put commas in the tag: and then sometimes I forget them. *laughs* Yay icon replacement! Moving on and moving up!

Oh thank heavens I asked. ;) OTHERWISE I would be WRONG FOREVER ~ She looks nice there, though: and more gentle than I remember her being. I've only ever watched Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu at anime club showings, so that's all the experience I have of it. I think I might have liked the main series more, and I really like Sousuke.

His psycho side makes me wanna kiss him and then noogie him. :Db
Oh God, tell me about it! *griiin* I loved him the best when he was A TOTAL PSYCHO just out of the puzzle. ... and then when he started to get more sane I was :(((((( YOU'RE NOT AS FUN ANYMORE. I liiiiiked the CRAZY!

kiss + noogie sounds FABULOUS. *joins the queue*
11th-Jan-2008 08:58 am (UTC)
I used to have a TON of commas, but I cut down on it this time. Cuz my memory is that of a goldfish. T^Tb

Well, she's gentle when Sousuke's not blowing shit up. 8D She's really a gentle person, even though she has a REALLY SHORT FUSE. XD AND WATCH MORE! And read the novel! Sopretty~~~ ♥

Ogod, series one? HE WAS REALLY HOT. But kinda in a "do not touch, but occasionally peep at him undressing" way. XD I kinda like him better sane, because then I just wanted to cuddle him. ♥ *Is a big fan of the cuddlings*

12th-Jan-2008 02:59 am (UTC)
Goldfish! ♥ Um! I watched this documentary once that did a small experiment to show that goldfish memory spans were actually not that bad. ;)

SOB I would, except work + RL = eats away fandom time! I still haven't finished Gurren Lagann and YGO! ;)

YES. :D On Sousuke. I love his backstory and everything! SO COOL!

I suspect that I imagined if I were a guy I'd want to be just like him ♥
12th-Jan-2008 05:37 am (UTC)
O rly? XD

*Peeets* Get to it! >D

Goddess, I love Sousuke so much. ♥

Ahahahahhahaah XDb
11th-Jan-2008 07:44 am (UTC)
Lol, I never noticed that YGO could actually fit into a litigation thing. Now that I think about it ... YOU'RE RIGHT OMG XD

The jumping comment made me lol--do you want the sun, moon, and stars on the way down? And you say it with a smile?! Oh, my. x3

I liked the little ficlet. I haven't visited the YGO fandom in ... FOREVER. Like, what, four years or five at least? Man, that brings back memories. And, as usual, your icons make my little inner fangirl squeal with joy x3
11th-Jan-2008 08:33 am (UTC)
XDXDXD One day if and when I have time I will totally FIT THE RIGHT LEGAL TERMS into YGO manga and SHOW THE WORLD THAT IT WORKS. :D Hee! I'm so happy to know that you agreed and it's not just me going crazy with analogy here! ;)

Judges like using game metaphors in judgments, too! This is one of my all-time favourites, "(The employer) should not play a cat-and-mouse game with the shipowner using the plaintiff as cheese." ♥ IT'S CRACKED.

I DO MY BEST ♥ Thank you :))))) It's so hard to be all :D on the outside when inside I am wahhhhhhh I want to go HOOOOME ~

! You used to be into this, too? *griiin* WAY COOL. It seems like so many people I know used to be part of it at one point or the other! ;) I've come late to this party: I only started reading YGO in November last year. XD The fandom, for some reason, is still INCREDIBLY ALIVE?

I hope they're good memories! ♥

*beams!* Thank you so much! :) Most of my icons these days aren't made by me because I don't have as much time as I used to, but they're certainly chosen by me, and the one I'm using is made by me! :D
11th-Jan-2008 12:59 pm (UTC)
I don't know anything about lawyers (besides Phoenix Wright and John Grisham ;; ) but the moon and the stars made me laugh!

A-also drabble wins! I really liked the symbolism t-though it reminds me oddly of Saiyuki which also uses the sun moon symbols in dealing with the Sanzos :c

Andandand When it all falls apart, someone has to be left to pick up the pieces, put them back together, and carry on. I really liked this line and how it reminds me of the Millennium Puzzle and that the Puzzle is the symbol of the Pharaoh a-and... stuff? \o;;;\
12th-Jan-2008 12:47 am (UTC)
*grin* I am torn between wanting to like Phoenix Wright and wanting to throw the game out of the window. This horrible compulsion of wanting to yell YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG! at the game just seizes me way too many times. Many of my friends-in-law have the same feeling about this game. I only know one friend-of-a-friend who is in the profession and likes it.

But the funny thing is, I completely relate to the reasons Miles and Edgeworth (or Naruhodo and whatshisface) became lawyers. *laughs*

♥ Thank you so much! :) i'm glad it amused; seeing as how I'm in on the weekends on both days: it's moon, stars and SOLAR SYSTEM TOO. :D

!!! Thank you so much for reading it! *grin* I'm so happy you liked it, and the symbolism! :) Oddly enough I never did get into Saiyuki, although I know enough to tell the characters apart. But not enough to know that there was more than one Sanzo. Do you mean the previous Sanzos? (very hazy on that part of the anime because I only remember watching with friends until we find out Hakkai's emo past with sister, and then skipping forward to Homura and Goku's very very wrong scenes together and EMO IN THE RAIN and all that GREAT STUFF)

!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ The puzzle imagery was actually intended, but I didn't want to make it too obvious! YOU SAW IT OMG ♥ SO MUCH LOVE ♥ and you TOTALLY GOT IT!

I think I intended to say that Seth (and also Yuugi later) has to pick up the pieces: Seth because he has to rebuild the Egypt torn apart by Zorc's rampages, and Yuugi because he literally has to rebuild Atem. ;) Works two ways! :D

12th-Jan-2008 02:12 pm (UTC)
Wrong as in... the method everything's been carried out and so on? I remember reading in passing that Phoenix Wright had things like witnesses not charged with perjury even though it was obvious they were lying...

Miles Edgeworth is the Prosecutor XD;; Phoenix Wright or, uh, Naruhodo Ryuichi as in the Japanese version, I think.

Yep, there is/are more than one Sanzos. Er. If I remember correctly, there are five sutras; the main Sanzo actually carries two, so there should be three others... But one was supposedly killed and the other is supposedly evil and I-I have no idea anymore XD But Sanzo's master had likened himself to the 'day' and someone else to be the 'night' and quite a fair bit here and there about sun and moons~ (BUT YES, ANGST + VERY WRONG + GREAT STUFF = SAIYUKI. The reason for their journey is even better, because the 'Goddess of Mercy' thought it would make things interesting XD )

Oh hee~ Intended or not (better that it was!) I think it's awesome~ ♥
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