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breaking all your laws, one at a time.

~ I'm a slave ~ to work ~

HI EVERYBODY it's Saturday morning where I am, and having worked nights in the office for just about every day of the past week, clearly it is such that WORK/ME = OTP, so here I am again on Saturday, for something that is due Saturday afternoon and cannot be done outside of the office! I must say that being in on Saturday morning at 8.20am and having to come back tomorrow on Sunday to work for something due Monday morning is an experience that I SINCERELY HOPE will not be replicated ANYTIME soon, but such is life and the file that I'm on that I'm sure it may be too much to hope for.

This is why I said this perfectly describes the life of a young lawyer-in-training. In fact, this is true of my office + the associate's office now, and this is me!

Having to suit up for work every day makes me dress down during the weekends, so I write to you in jeans, track shoes, and my Gurren-Lagann T-shirt. (I'm wearing my black jacket over it, so it looks respectable if you ignore the flames around the bottom of my T-shirt) There, I said I'd wear it to the office one day! And so I have! It's the one that proclaims, "YOURS IS THE DRILL THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS", which is really funny, because I have to do research on alter egos, which is not about Yu-Gi-Oh, but about PIERCING THE CORPORATE VEIL with YOUR LAW! ... oh, that sounded so bad.

Building up a law case is like fixing the Millenium Puzzle together, if the Millenium Puzzle was first taken apart, and then hurled into the biggest refuse dump you could ever imagine in your life. ♥ And then you have to trawl through the entire ♥ garbage ♥ dump ♥ for all the pieces of the puzzle, and then ♥ you get to play at putting them together. The problem is, sometimes you don't get all the pieces, and sometimes the puzzle you put together doesn't quite ~ look the way your client wants it to look. But hey! You play with the hand you were dealt.

Which is amusing when you're reading and you see lawyers deciding QUICK WE MUST PLAY THE CONFLICT CARD!

Also, thank you, Gurren Lagann: now whenever I read, "attempts to pervert the course of justice"... I think about KAMINA.

Songs to Listen to in the Office When You Want to Go But Can't

1. "The Sweet Escape", Gwen Stefani feat Akon
2. "Take Me Out", Franz Ferdinand
3. "Time to Say Goodbye", Sarah Brightman

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