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Must. Not. Think.

Coming to live on my corridor must be one of the most deeply insane inadvertent events ever to happen to me.

Was talking to Bloom on the phone with my door open, as I wanted to say hi to Nemo Stealer #2. And who should come by but Nemo Stealer #1 with a tall glass full of water. He sees me on the phone, and walks right up to my door, and happily pours the entire glass of water into my dustbin.

Bloom came down and gave me a chocolate chip cupcake ^_________________^

Serry Next Door actually playing music I like. Today it was the Kill Bill soundtrack. I hear the opening lines through the wall that divides us and pop over to his room. "KILL BILL!" I say. "Is the music too loud?" he asks. "A little." ; ) That is what 88% of our exchanges are about. That is, the ones in which I do not attempt to strangle him for his disturbingly Dae-like behavior.

And I thought the night could get no stranger.

While talking with giaan in the corridor, Boy Who Inadvertently Saw Slash walked shirtless out of the bathroom. It's the Just Bathed! Look. It was in tonight, by the way. And how. No sooner had he gone into his corridor that Lucien came out of the bathroom, this time in a black bathrobe. Cue the Wet Look. "I got it for five pound," he said. "Look, it's coming apart!"

And just as Lucien was going into his room, who should make his appearance but Serry Next Door. *buries head in hands* Who was wearing nothing but a pink bathtowel around his waist. Yep. Shirtless! Serry Next Door.

Went into room. Thought, "Will not go out of room for an hour. Will not."

Then, I heard Boy Who Inadvertently Saw Slash was knocking on Lucien's door looking for him, so I went out to tell him I thought Lucien might be dressing. So this Boy asked, "Have you seen Lucien's door?" I went over to have a look.

While I was shrieking with laughter at the sign outside Lucien's door, which, by the way, says "Melodic Blasphemy and Lesbian Dwarves", who should step out of the bathroom but Serry Next Door, still shirtless, still with his pink towel, but with dripping wet hair.

Property Notes very interesting, must go study now. Thinking is very, very bad, especially at times like these.

Pardon. Just had to vent my crazy night.


On Monday night. Made massively impulsive last-minute decision to watch the Matrix Reloaded at the Union with Hall Hobbits and two other hallmates. Came back from watching a movie on Monday night at 10.30pm. Sometimes I honestly do feel I'm not here to study, at all.

Met new lecturer for Public Law yesterday. Potterverse broke free inside my head when he decreed, "All of those who confuse the European Community with the European Union will be UNFORGIVABLE after this lecture!"

Boy, my lecturers can curse.

And Bloom tells me he draws witches on essays when students haven't gotten their points right. And he draws sharks when the points are completely wrong. And he dresses completely in black, just like Serry My Tutor.

Did I come to London just to see Serry everywhere I go?

I have a Property essay due on Monday! I must stop this ceaseless fangirling!

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