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trust me
You have to see it for Yourself. (I hope you understand it better than I did.) 
12th-Jun-2003 10:37 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
Risa, Zorro's Hapless Victim, Claire, Huileng and Ailin came over today. ^_^ Made spaghetti. Second time I've tried this version. Was the same one I made when Sparrow was over, but this time on a larger scale. Thrice the scale.

*hides* Did not cook mushrooms as thoroughly as should have, but Risa said that they were all right - though could have done with finer slicing. *busily takes note*

Claire taught Huileng to play Diablo 2. *smiles*

Watched the Animatrix, which Zorro's Hapless Victim kindly gave me. *beams* Thank you! *huge grin* It was lovely! ^_^ There seemed to be an awful lot of cats in the Animatrix - said felines had promiment roles in two of the shorts. There were two shorts which did not make 80% sense:

Namely, the psychedelic "Let's Show Off Our Animating Skills!" (Risa's words - wish had thought of them) Matriculated. As Risa says - "Nice pun."

It's about how a group of resistance fighters take over the Matrix's machines and convert them to their side. Transformation is evinced by the machine's eyes/sensors turning green from their original red.

But the entire Come Over to Us sequence had us going Huh? for most of it. The realisation only comes to you when you see the short in its entirety.

Also, the "What on Earth was the Ending all About?" World Record. Not so much that I/we did not know what was going on, but they don't give you a conclusion.

Very edgy art style. Involving story. But -

What on earth happened? You know in the end that our world-record breaker managed, through the intensity of his determination and of his experience, to break through the barrier that keeps humans from being aware of their existence in the Matrix. But what happened to him after that? The agents took him down, but he was able to break free for the final moment of the short. And then... Nothing.

I liked the last short - "Kid's Story" - although it screamed Neo Fanboy! That plot was easy to comprehend, and the animation was good. I loved the shot of the ravens against the sky. The boy's fall reminded Risa and I of Icarus.

The two-parter short on the Renaissance was a lovely account of how the Matrix came to be. Though the animators are in love with dismembering people and machines alike.

Naturally, the Final Flight of the Osiris had beautiful animation - very much in the style of Final Fantasy. Visually spectacular. Though you already know the ending from the title.

I loved Program. Beautiful animation. That one was highly reminiscent of anime. And, as Risa said - very Chinese drama/gongfu serial. The colours were beautiful. Stark reds, grays, blacks and whites. And they did so much with so little colour.

Typically, main conflict resolved by the ancient "It Was All a Dream" solution. Though keeping in mind the context, that should be "It was All A Simulation" or "It Was All in the Matrix".

Also, the real version of the protagonist should wear more clothes.

Detective Story was another beautiful short. It was done in black and white, but had delightful animation. I especially liked the way they animated snow falling. Risa, Zorro's Hapless Victim and I all had the same thought - Layouts. *huge grin* I like the detective's cat. ^_^

This short featured Trinity directly, and I have to say that this portrayal of her is far more flattering than the one we see in the Matrix Reloaded.

Risa said that the main character reminded her very much of John Constantine. The whole cigarette-and-wisecrack in the face of death style. Oh, yes, and the trenchcoat.

Beyond reminded me of Hayao Miyazaki's work. It was the rounded edges! Said short was done by Koji Morimoto, though.

As usual, Risa sussed this out faster than I did. It's about what happens when code breaks down in a specific part of the Matrix. Reality Bends, specifically. It's about these kids who find the damaged code and what they do with it. (Risa's so much better at expressing it than I am. I can only take notes.) The kids were having amazing fun with the code. That's when the laws of reality break down. They were breaking bottles and reversing the shattering process (Yes, highly complicated way of saying Putting It Back Together with the Power of Their Minds), watching feathers turn into birds - like magic, in other words.

But of course, the Agents came in and Paved Paradise and Put Up A Parking Lot. Literally.

(Heavens, I didn't think of the literal meaning of the song until I wrote it down.)

That's why I like people to make comments while I'm watching shows. Because:

1. They make sense of parts of the show I don't understand.

2. They express my feelings/thoughts about the show better than I do.

3. I realize that I'm not the only one to feel the way I do.

4. Basically, I love funny comments when I'm watching shows.

So if you ever watch a movie/video/anime with me:

Talking is highly encouraged.

Though I know my view is hardly shared by all. Talking is highly discouraged/hated by quite a number of people, but for me - I welcome it. *beams*

Risa, Zorro's Hapless Victim and I all want to watch "How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days". When I first heard the show, I thought - "Oh jeez. Not another chick flick." But then I heard the plot synopsis, and found it interesting. Yes, it's still a chick flick. But it goes:

(Why I LJ-cut this is beyond me, as you could find this summary from reading the papers.)

She is a columnist working for a newspaper, who must lose said guy in 10 days by committing all the "female mistakes" in a relationship - such as, being clingy, being overly affectionate - what have you. He has to win her over to win a business contract. His conspiring colleagues set them up, knowing that theirs is a romance doomed to fail. As Risa says, it's all about ulterior motives. Risa also says that the trailer has him saying, "I just love her!" (I have not seen trailer.) But it does sound fun. ^_^

I firmly believe fluff is good for you. *beams*

Then we trooped off to watch the Two Towers. Yes. The Engrish one. Zorro's Hapless Victim caught the first howler of a Spoiler - the Gandalf Falling to Shadow scene -

"Follow, you fools!"

*hysterical laughter*

Suffice to say it just got better. My version has several of the highly hilarious Engrish lines. It doesn't have Eomer's "Too Long Have I Wanted My Sister" line, but it does have "the strength of the ring barrel", "Fire advise goggle", "home of the ghost lords" (My personal fantasy favourite - it's just full of potential!), "this is old frog food", Gimli's "toast me" and Gimli's disturbingly distorted line about his @$$.

It was immensely fun! *huge grin*

A huge thanks to Claire for the gorgeous Two Towers calendar! It's beautiful! She got it for me in Australia. *glomps Claire* *stares dreamily at calendar*

Risa tells me that there's a Weird Al Yankovic version of NSync's "It's Gonna Be Me" - by Bush and Al Gore.

*hysterical laughter*
12th-Jun-2003 05:04 pm (UTC)
Detective Story was cool, but everyone said the guy looked like John Constantine (with black hair). ; )
13th-Jun-2003 03:18 am (UTC) - Yeah! That's what X said too!
That's what X said too ^_^

Though Animatrix seemed to have more than the usual share of unresolved endings. (Probably true to type.)
13th-Jun-2003 04:22 pm (UTC) - Re: Yeah! That's what X said too!
he was certainly cute enough. : )
14th-Jun-2003 02:32 am (UTC) - *evil grin*
I preferred his cat. *laughter* His cat was so cute! The cat flipped him his hat - the whole Not Without My Hat: My Style is my Life! syndrome. *amused*
14th-Jun-2003 03:49 pm (UTC) - Re: *evil grin*
Heheheh. ; ) It was cute! But he was cuter!
15th-Jun-2003 06:48 am (UTC) - *laughter*
Oh yes, he was cute! I thought part of it was his style. *grin*
13th-Jun-2003 06:49 am (UTC)
A good bit of the Animatrix seemed bloody DEPRESSING. *grin* Though yeah, Detective's Story was cool - like 1920 film noir meets cyberpunk. XD

Didn't think much of Matriculation, actually. Didn't get it, definitely didn't get the ending. >_>;; (and when we tried to remember what the shorts were a few weeks later, we'd forgotten all about it. I barely remembered it)

Loved Beyond! XD Don't even know why. And I found Renaissence depressing - call me cynical, but I can see people being that stupid, I can. >_>;;

And fluff is good. I'm just... I dunno, kinda picky about my fluff... *sweatdrop* *grins*
14th-Jun-2003 02:39 am (UTC) - *agrees*
Yes, Detective Story! *happy grin* Definitely had the noir element to it - much helped by fact that film was in such somber colours - so much so that it seemed virtually black-and-white. Seemed as if Trinity was going back in time.

Beyond had lovely colours *smiles* I liked Yuki the Cat, mostly. Although Yuki did look a little peculiar.

*agrees* I can see people being that idiotic, too. That scenario is frighteningly plausible. We're pretty dependent on machines, ourself - my relationship with my computer, just for the want of an example. *hides*

Only managed to get Matriculation with the help of some friends - we theorized that it was about the resistance fighters converting the enemy machines to their use - creating an entire alternate universe to "turn" the machine - hence the psychedelic episode. Like the Matrix on acid, that was. Unfortunately, the new machine was rather slow. I think it tried to revive one of the resistance fighters in the end, but the fighter didn't want to come back - was instead horrified by what the machine had become.

^_^ Fluff is that way. There are so many kinds of fluff! *laughter* You have to be picky. Otherwise - you'd be drowning in it. ^_^
14th-Jun-2003 07:09 am (UTC) - Re: *agrees*
You need psychedelia to brainwash machines? *grin* That makes no sense. And I was going ??? at the ending. I vaguely thought it might be unintentional mind rape? Since there was the whole giggling, "alluring" thing about the girl leading the machine on? Then again, that thought could be Evangelion's fault... >_>
14th-Jun-2003 08:44 am (UTC) - Oh yes! That too!
*laughter* Yes, you need psychedelia ^_^ If you can't convince 'em, confuse 'em! I thought that the psychedelic colours might be used to signify a contrast from the dull monotone of the "real" world. (Then again, do not know anything about symbolism in film...)

Also another girl and her boyfriend appeared to be very enthusiastic about... well, ahem things couples do.

Could be - though I noticed that the machines killed all the resistance fighters present, including the strange lemur-like creature-pet. One of the machines dropped the still form of the girl, so I presumed she must be dead. I thought the recently converted machine tried to bring her back to life, because it went after her. My friends were going, "Mom?" as the machine's voiceover.

Ah yes, definitely Evangelion. Evangelion has brought Man-Machine Manipulations/Machinations to an art form. Mind rape brings to mind the whole Asuka-and-Handel-Music episode.
14th-Jun-2003 08:45 am (UTC) - And speaking of Evangelion...
Just wanted to say I liked your Rei layout. The cute ate my brains, too.
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