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I wanted to make a Girls of Gurren Lagann post, but the truth is, I just wanted to make a post about Nia. And Nia and Simon. As someone who pretty much never has a main het pairing in any series, Simon/Nia took me completely by surprise, because I never expected to even care about it, and because of how much I came to love it.

When I see people going, "Nia is such a Mary Sue. Tragic past, falls in love with hero, etc." I just go, to quote Rossiu: "あなたは何もわかっていない".

It's not very nice, but I have a natural bias against female characters. The vast majority of them bore me to sleep. I probably put this down to me (a) not reading the right books, (b) being more interested in the guys, (c) female characters simply getting short shrift in terms of characterisation, most of the time.

But, Nia's different for me. Nia's special. And Simon/Nia is special because they meet each other at exactly the right time. Simon meets Nia exactly when he needs her the most, even if he doesn't realise it. She is exactly what he needs exactly when he needs it. She saves him, and then he saves her. And:
[for easy viewing]

I know I've posted this picture before, but like when Yuugi's dueling Kaiba in Guard Dog and says, "I don't care how many times we kick his ass," - I kind of feel the same way about this picture. It is my special OTP of Love picture, just like the cover of re-release YGO Volume 13 is my Jou-Yuugi OTP of Love picture. That and the I LOVE YOU. ♥

Spoilers for Gurren Lagann from Episode 8 to Episode 27
I left out the major ones, but there's still a fair bit here.

So Nia and Simon meet cute. "If you see a girl in a really big box, you've found your soulmate?" That's them.

Simon's been going through a really bad time in his life (trust me, the end of YGO has nothing on what happened to Simon in Episode 8. Nothing) And so, his life has been EMO AND HORRIBLE WOE AND DARKNESS:

At this point in his life, she comes from a world without Kamina, so the only world she has ever known is a world without Kamina. This is precisely why he needs her, even if he doesn't realise it at the time. It is precisely because she knows nothing about his past, that she can be his future.

It is through Nia that Simon finds a new reason for living, a new future out of the painful past, and it is in her that he finds a new person to share his life with.

She gives him courage, and in turn, he becomes her future, too.

I love that when all around him is death, he climbs up to this coffin:

And when he opens it, he finds life.

I can't tell you how amazing this moment is in the anime, you have to see it. It's been EMO and HEARTBREAK and RAIN and DARKNESS and then he opens this MAGICAL box and inside is light and flowers and you just know things are going to change.

And you just know she's always going to be his princess. Always.

XD His reaction is so cute. But of course, she's the first princess you've ever set eyes on, I suppose I can forgive you staring.

you are my new beginning

After Kamina, Simon suffered this massive crisis of faith. And when everyone around him has been going DON'T EMO! STOP EMOING! BE A MAN AND PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER! -

She is the first one to say I BELIEVE IN YOU.

And because of her, he finds his courage and his purpose again.

Behind every GREAT HERO is someone who BELIEVES IN HIM.


And she's so cute.


She's still the same slightly-silly, warm, lovely AND TOTALLY CLUELESS princess she always was.

So he proposes to her:


Nia: "YADA!" :D

And she brings him lunch while he's at work:

She's the second female anime character to make me think, "If I were an anime boy, I'd want a girlfriend JUST LIKE HER ♥"

She's perfect for Simon because, among other things, they are both equally clueless.

you are my happy ending

He'll still travel to the ends of the earth to save her.


Goodness, I have never made a post with so many screencaps of a female character and a straight pairing. I think I'm going to go and make sure I'm still me.
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