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excuse me, are you a voice actor?

So, new layout ♡, and if it isn't the girliest layout ever that has ever been on this LJ - well, it is. It's been completely Nia-ified, because that's how much I adore her, and you just knew this LJ was going to be Gurren-Lagann'fied one day, didn't you? It would have been YGO'd up: I even had the graphic and everything, but the one thing I lack is time to code. Incidentally, kotomine linked the Lollipop MTV, by Mika, and I thought it was perfect music for the layout.

The rest of this post is probably the dorkiest thing (dorkier even than this and this) you'll read all week. Maybe even all year.

I met Jounouchi's voice actor. And got his autograph.Collapse )

And - he was really nice. He was very warm, and very sweet, and even cuter in person than he was on stage. Just like the perfect boyfriend who you can't wait to bring home to meet your parents. Because it was the last night, all the main cast came out to sign autographs, and being the first in line meant that there was time to actually talk to the cast. So. I. Er. This happened about halfway through the conversation:

Me: "I've heard your voice acting work, and I think it's great!" (you know, I thought it was going to end there, and then I'd go)
Him: "Oh, wow! Which role was that?" (he is so genki, and so cute, IRL)
Him: "Oh, Joey!" *grin* *switches voice* " 'Hey, Joey! Dude, what's up?' "
*switches voice again* " 'Joey! Watch out!' "

And so I was, "I read you were trained overseas, so is that how you got your accent?" because obviously I am the worst stalker ever So then we started talking about accents and switching accents, and he said that he switches between accents for roles and it can be difficult, at times, and I said I completely related because I lived in Britain for a time and found switching occasionally difficult when I would automatically use the wrong accent when talking to hawkers, and he was, "I have so much difficulty communicating with hawkers too!" He asked me if I was interested in voice acting, and told me that another cast member also did voice acting work, and she was very sweet, too:

Her: "Oh! Are you a voice actor, too?" *smiles*
Me: *grin!* "Uh, no, actually, I'm a trainee lawyer."
Her: *grins* "A lawyer? Don't worry, all lawyers become actors in the end."

and EVEN MORE wthCollapse )
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