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trust me
you are my strength. and this is the earliest post ever made in this LJ, I think. 
22nd-Jan-2008 07:48 am
YGO - Jou and Yuugi - I'd die for you.
Episode 78 (summary) of YGO is what I like to call the ultimate Jou-Yuugi moment of all time.

Here's why:

I could link you the HORRIFIC English dub of YGO Episode 78 (everything sounds better after you watch it, really), I'd rather link you: the much better-voiced and unedited sub.

Episode 78 1/3 | Episode 78 2/3 | Episode 78 3/3

2/3: Jou gets violently mind-violated by Malik. This is the Final Battle scene between Yuugi and Jou. It's so weird how they translate "Yuugi" as "Mutou" when the voices obviously aren't saying it. AND this is the DAISUKI scene, which they translated as, "Jou, I like you so much." ♥ This also has the beautifully super-dramatic Shizuka-unveiling-her-eyes scene and the JOU TO THE RESCUE!scene that is the first thing Shizuka sees. ♥

3/3: Opens with Shizuka saving Jou ♥ And Jou gets slapped by Mai. ... omg so many incredibly sweet Shizuka and Jou moments. ♥ And it has SEAHORSE! SEAHORSE! :D ... and the most hilarious subtitles wtf: Yami, "You made me experienced".

And of course, would this be complete without the most frighteningly extensive YGO screencap post to ever hit this LJ?

WARNING: approximately 40 screencaps behind cut.

. yuujou fan always & forever!

He really is saying, "Yuugi", though: go figure, subbers.

This is Shizuka. Shizuka is Jou's younger sister. Their parents divorced, so she and Jou live apart. She's slowly going blind and needs an operation for her to restore her eyesight, so Jou goes to Duelist Kingdom to win the competition for the money to save her sight.
He doesn't win, but Yuugi does, and Yuugi gives him the prize money for the operation. omg you guys. I don't think it's any wonder I will always love you best.

So after the operation Shizuka hasn't removed the bandages from her eyes, but Honda and Otogo take her to meet Jou, and:

And so the first thing she sees is:

Big brother saving Yuugi.

. shizuka = ♥

So Jou saves Yuugi, but because of the way Malik rigged the duel, he can't save himself:


But it isn't Yuugi!


because little sisters kick ass, too.

because Jou was being emo:

... and also a woman, if this translation is anything to go by.

Jou: my pretty face.

. you are my strength

This is three different images together ;)

"Shizuka, boys are twits..."
Jou: 0_____________________________0

Also, I really want to know how I managed to upload this picture without even intending to.

for easy viewing
23rd-Jan-2008 04:34 pm (UTC) - Egypt Subs on youtube good for you? ;)
The Egypt arc episode numbers (to faciliate easy searching) and summaries are listed in loving detail here (Egypt arc: YGO anime episodes 199 - 224). They can be found on youtube via searching, but here's something to get you started:

YGO Episode 199 3/3: the start of the search for the Pharaoh's memories
YGO Episode 200 Part 1 - the return of the Yami no Bakura.

I learned everything I know of YGO mostly from the manga, then from reading the episode summaries, so it's fun to be able to watch the anime to see how they changed it from the manga! ;)

Also, they are such HILARIOUSLY BAD SUBS. SEAHORSE! SEAHORSE!!! INDEED. And the subs are sometimes HILARIOUSLY INACCURATE, too: like when the Yuugi-tachi yell YUUUGI!!! the subbers translate it as "Mutou!" when obviously nothing of the sort is being yelled.

Oh, 4kids. All the things you do ~ Cleaning up the original anime usually serves to make it 1,000 times more mockworthy.

Edited at 2008-01-23 04:34 pm (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
24th-Jan-2008 12:50 am (UTC)
You're most welcome! *grin*

I haven't actually watched the Egypt arc myself! ;) Still catching up with the earlier series! :))))

I pretend Bakura is Wolfram to get over his girly voice.
(Deleted comment)
24th-Jan-2008 07:29 am (UTC) - question xD

I meant to ask, how do you keyword your icons by numbers and remember them?

!!! I've seen maybe about 3% of it subbed! *laughs* Yes, very little. :) I would buy it, except it is impossible to find in my country in a format I can understand! We have it in Mandarin and Cantonese dubs! Which I do not want! *grin*

I like the Bakura voices whenever he's in Ryou form. The Yami version, for some reason, I find very hard to warm to.

I LOVE SAIGA MITSUKI ♥ But you know about her. *grin* She voices girls too - but the last girl!role I remember her doing is for Blaue Rosen, and she plays a very boyish girl! ;)

Yuki! OH MY HEAVENS I LOVED YUKI. But for some reason I never noticed consciously that he had a girl!voice! Clearly I was blinded by love. ;)
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