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trust me
. the language of cats 
22nd-Jan-2008 10:46 pm
GL - Nia - P E A C E
because of glorious and whisperinghope
and for bravecows

. my brother
has just returned
from a long sojourn in Greece.

and with his return
he brought me
a story

and it goes

like this:

He was up in a monastery in Meteora, sitting on a bench next to a cat.

My brother reached out and patted the cat, which was very friendly.

After a time, a French gentleman, a teacher of history, came to join him.

The French gentleman reached out for the cat and started stroking it.

The cat rejoiced, climbed into his lap and curled up there in complete enjoyment.

The French gentleman turned to my brother and smiled.

"You do not understand the language of cats," he said.

"Sometimes they come to you

because they want to be fed

and sometimes they come to you

because they want to be touched."
22nd-Jan-2008 06:15 pm (UTC)
Kitties! I love kitties! If I were better at taking care of pets (can barely take care of myself as it is DX;) I think my first order of business is to find a kitty <3. That last picture is so adorable! Waaah! Makes me miss my friend, who has twin Siamese cats at home...

They say companionship with cats can extend your lifetime ^_^ Someday, I want to be the crazy cat lady author LOL who only tells her stories to her cats.
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