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one day I will have an answer for the question, "Why are YOU so moe?!"

HI NEW PEOPLE! ♡ It is always, always fun to meet you, even if we met via stalkerage (especially ♥! if we met through stalkerage! namely, stalkerage on my part). I suppose I can blame this on the fact that when I was young and impressionable, I was told that the really good lawyers became good lawyers because they were able to become completely obsessed with whichever case they were given to handle, and that's how they're able to argue it from every angle and know every fact about it. Only I seem to have gone and applied it to every aspect of everything I'm interested in. One day I will run out of energy for behaving like this, but not just yet.

I'm going to link the CFUD taken campers list directly here because I always have to do so much navigation to get to it ordinarily - all because I won't type a certain expletive. This extends to IRL, really - whenever I talk about CFUD IRL I just say CFUD. sukishi got to see this yesterday, when we were talking about CFUD (and lots of amazing things besides ♥), whenever I start reading the non-acronym out I always stop right before That Word and make a half-hearted, embarrassed wave, and say, "That Word".

Also, the same person who plays Nia on CFUD also plays Gokudera. Part of me is going, "WAIT, HOW?! HOW?!" - because Nia and Gokudera? Worlds apart - and the rest of me is going, "TWICE THE LOVE! ♡" because I love Nia this much and I adore Gokudera.

I never seem to have as much time for CFUD-reading as I would like - naturally, because there's just so much ground to cover - but sometimes the camp characters who end up being my favourites aren't always the ones I start out expecting would be my favourites. Which is a good thing, because life is a great wonderful surprise sometimes, like running into your favourite people when you least expect it (because this country is so small!).

And that's just like LJ, really, because fandom is always smaller than you think it is, and guess what I did again!

For some inexplicable reason I seem to remember greykings linking a CFUD Reborn character essay/summary, but I must have remembered it wrong. I've been reading tastelikeash's character posts, because they're fascinating, and they're a quick way of catching up on all of the canon I haven't got time to go through, because I read text faster than I read manga or watch anime. A particular favourite is this one (loev Tenth, indeed).

I was talking to mushrooms yesterday (which ALSO so much fun) and she mentioned the Gokudera character song, which cracked me up so hard when I finally saw it. The song can be summarised as THE TENTH IS LOVE, in more words.

I suspect part of the reason I adore Gokudera/Tsuna so much is because it is visually very similar to Riku/Sora, which I also adore. And speaking of fandom being smaller than you think: I was so delighted to see some of my all-time favourite Abyss artists also drawing Gurren Lagann (one day if there is time I will make an entire post to express my joy), and now I have discovered that one of my favourite Viral/Simon writers also writes Gokudera/Tsuna! OH JOY OF JOYS ♥

Also plusqueparfait linked the BIGGEST (Rossiu-Kinon-Guinble) official Gurren Lagann scan I have EVER seen in my entire life.
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