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So clearly both Malik and I were up all night... working... the night before SOY. Which, in my opinion, was all kinds of fun and wonderful, because of the people I was with. ♥ I would have made this post earlier, but (1) index finger was in actual pain from the trigger-happy camera-joy of yesterday, and (2) everything that was captured on film on my camera yesterday? Total filesize? Nearly 1 GB (of which a disturbing number are of Malik, why?). So, no pictures yet, but I just wanted to record the BEST MOMENTS because they were that awesome.

best moments of my soy experience

1. Shizuka, clearly, who is the best little sister in all the world. I think I've always wanted a sister, so yesterday? SO GREAT. This made me smile so much, too. ♥ I got to meet her and we went to the event together, which meant that there was singing!Jounouchi (on the Beauty World soundtrack) and YGO manga all the way down to the event venue. ♥

2. Helping with Malik's costume. And makeup. Is not prettiest Egyptian princess for nothing. Inner!me was having so much fun. Also I have a new appreciation for both ariesdraco and Malik's costume. I had no idea his outfit was made up of so many parts before yesterday. omg.

3. Getting to watch Kaiba apologise to Malik. "BEFORE YOU KILL ME PLEASE LISTEN TO MY EXPLANATION." If it hadn't been so heartrending I probably would have laughed.

4. CHILDREN'S CARD GAMES. Because no YGO cosplay is complete without one! (Don't really understand why people started taking photographs when we did that. HAVE THEY NOT SEEN CHILDREN'S CARD GAMES PLAYED BEFORE.)

And when we started playing penalty games (because there is a savage and vicious version of a local card game which is in fact a penalty game), Malik beat Yuugi.


6. Magically acquiring a Yuugi halfway through.

7. And discovering that not only do we both ship Jounouchi/Yuugi and Yami/Kaiba, but we ALSO ship Gokudera/Tsuna. This led to much JOY AND HIGH-FIVING. And to think that I thought our pairings would never coincide because when I first met her, she was into Axel/Roxas! *GRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN*

8. Singing with Malik. ♫
Malik more musically gifted than me. That is okay, because we can sing the same songs.
Also, a local library has the score of the YGO movie. I really will borrow it one day, for the WTF value.

9. Meeting YGO fans who'd been into the series for years! Seriously, years! AMAZING. ♥ A nice person asked if she could borrow the Millenium Puzzle and I went :D "Of course!" despite it not being canonically mine to give away, but it was so fun. ♥

10. GETTING TO CELEBRATE atorii's birthday - IN COSTUME. ♥

11. Kisara forgot the puppy ears and tail. IT MADE ME SO HAPPY. ♥

scariest moments of my soy experience

1. ... how the costume made not only my IQ points drop, but also made me hungrier than I can ever remember being at any event. I swear. The costume made me stupid. Even wearing part of it made me get on the wrong train and stay on it for three stops before I realised something was wrong. And when I literally couldn't say no to any food that was offered to me when I was wearing it, I just knew that something was UP.

2. being badtouched by Kisara. NO WONDER KAIBA LOVED YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE JUST AS SCARY AS HIM. And also because anything that looks so pretty and demure and lovely should not be SO SCARY to meeeeeeeeeeeee.

3. the ears. and how I sometimes forgot I was wearing them.
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