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breaking all your laws, one at a time.

Creative Disindustry

anyasy I've got the complete set of Devil's Reign. Your Wolverine-Witchblade crossover is in my hands.

Crashed Merry's history lecture today. Learnt all about literacy in the Middle Ages and how Christianity was spread via literacy.

Law lecture dismissed ten minutes early so that students could attend anti-Bush demonstration.

Had to weave through throng of protesters to get to said lecture. Was running there with a hall-mate. "You don't get this in Singapore, do you?" she shouted, above the din.

We certainly don't.
Learnt from hall-mates that there was a man waving a placard saying, "Stop Mongoose Farming!" at the demonstration. Point being there is no point.

Watched Trainspotting in Girl Who Sees Slash's room with her and Obi-Wan. Very traumatised by the baby. Very, very traumatised. But I liked the closing shot with Ewan. Also now I understand nike_victory's Padawan Mark Renton: Baby Luke Wasn't Mine icon. Am quite glad that I saw the show. Unfortunately saw slash pairing that did not want to see, as half of the pairing was Psychotic! Robert Carlyle with a moustache. Also mildly startled by the fact that so much of the film felt so familiar to me. The London shots could be the street next to the one where I live.

Went to Nemo Stealer's room to return the DVD to Nemo Stealer #2. Stayed there talking with both Nemo Stealers until it was 12.20am. Discovered that "Marks and Spencers" no longer brings Wheelock Place and Borders to mind, but Tottenham Court Road. Mental landmarks shifting.

Ended up in Lucien's room with Boy Who Inadvertently Saw Slash, Literature Boy and Alexandria. Discovered the Malibu smells like suntan lotion, despite it being alcoholic. All took turns wearing the Shag Hat, which is Lucien's straw hat. Managed to not wear it until Lucien put it on my head. One of them got disturbingly drunk. That more traumatising than baby in Trainspotting, probably because it is real.

2.21am now. Managed to complete reading a 50-page Property case in font size 10! *cheers*

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