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I started this entry at 8.51pm, ladies and gentlemen, and then I had to leave the house and I'm only now reunited with my laptop at 12.33am. And I have work tomorrow, but I have been meaning to make an LJ entry since Thursday, but have been constantly interrupted by life. *laughs* BUT BY GOD THIS IS GOING TO GET DONE TODAY. I feel like I've lived so much in the past five days. *laughing* Which can be summed up in:

Wednesday: The results of the bar exam.
THANK YOU EVERYBODY ♡♡♡! You were all so sweet and supportive and absolutely lovely. *beams*

Thursday: Attending the first Switchfoot concert to be held in my country, with M and W! *beams* It was a crazy day because even though I had to be out of the office by 6pm on that day of all days, I had a partner meeting that lasted all the way until 6.40pm. M and W were so sweet to wait for me, and M bought me dinner ♥, and I felt so guilty because they had to wait because of me, and we were all looking forward, so much, to going to the concert!

At the concert I couldn't help thinking that if I'd never returned to this country I'd never have met them, and how happy I was to be there with them. It was such an amazing concert, and I've loved Switchfoot since 2005, and I never thought I'd get to see them live. And joy of joys, they performed On Fire, which is my favourite Switchfoot song and one I never thought they'd play. ♥ There is absolutely nothing like a live concert, because hearing music as it's being made right in front of you is just the way it should be heard.

I love how, in music, everybody gives you a different favourite song when you ask for theirs. *grin* At the performance that night, my favourite song was On Fire, M's was Dare You To Move, and W's was Meant to Live. It was a FABULOUS night.

Friday: Making submissions all day, but managed to get out of the office to catch T and D for dinner! And then, when I was at Kinokuniya later (because I really wanted to pick up some Reborn), I RAN INTO kyonkichi. *BEAMS* It would totally have made my night on its own, but then I looked into the next row and THERE WAS OMI and THERE WAS TASHIGI and I, being, you know, mature graduate and trainee you-know-what, suffered a short-circuit of pure joy and shrieked with delight.

And then after I told them what I was there for, Tashigi led me straight to the Reborn doujin anthologies. ♥ ♥ ♥ HALF of the doujin anthologies there were MORE than MY ARMS could carry, and Tashigi helped me with the rest and we went to the counter where I think I subsequently walked off with everything that wasn't Yamamoto/Gokudera. (Which was just two anthologies, it wasn't that bad!) kreznick was there too, and it was just really really really fun to talk Reborn and FF13 (because some fantastic new FF books were out). Even if I made a spectacular slip when talking about Reborn doujin and referred to this character named Ukedera, because, c'mon, YOU WOULD TOO if you'd just looked through an entire Gokudera-uke doujin anthology, yes?

And then aslah came, and and and she put the sweetest Gokudera/Tsuna doujinshi ever into my hands.


That night I pretty much had the most awesome cherry tomatoes ever, because somehow the Japanese varieties taste better, I don't know why! Maybe it's just that everything tastes better when you're having that much fun. (also, Tashigi does the best covers of Reborn songs, ever)

Even though I ship Yamamoto/Gokudera OVER MY DEAD BODY, FATE obviously wishes to disagree loudly and violently with me, because everything I touch turns to 8059. Everything! Do you know how depressed this makes me? As depressed as Gokudera after Jyuudaime has broken his heart.

Though Squalo was the first to steal my heart, the person I loved next was Tsuna, because the minute I set eyes on him I was, "So small! So cute! ... and.... SO STUPID! ♥!" *FALLS IN LOVE*

And just as Tsuna was love-at-second-sight (after I realised he was of that charming brand of stupid I love the best), I reacted to Yamamoto exactly like Gokudera did, despite knowing (or perhaps precisely because I knew) that I had every reason to love him. He's so cool! So self-possessed! And funny! And stable! And is so normal! ... and therefore this somehow means Recipe for Instant Dislike and Occasional Indifference on my part, I don't know why.

Now I can't listen to Tom Jones' Sex Bomb without thinking of Gokudera.

Saturday: Things I Had To Do (and I saw this adorably cute baby in the hospital and went all gooey over it - and then the nurses asked if it was mine. *cries*) It was so new (just two days old when I saw him, he hadn't even got a name yet!) - and then the requisite clothes shopping. I hate clothes shopping so much - BUT I adore new clothes, and the wearing of.

Also I was distressingly amused when I acquired new officewear and discovered that the size that fit me best was a Ten. (Realistically speaking, I'm probably a 9, but firstly, they don't stock nines, and secondly, I'm not a Xanxus fan) And acquiring an office shirt the colour of the one Gokudera's wearing here (... coincidentally, the exact shade of this LJ layout, or this layout) made me disturbingly happy. (Hey, you'd want to wear some colour once in a while if you had to dress in black and white all the time!)

Sunday Went to watch Rambo 4 with three generations of my family. WAS THE ONLY GIRL THERE!

Also, The Family is here, because it's just about nearly time for New Year, so this means that all my family members from far-flung parts of the world congregate in the country. I was disrupted from the post-writing for an airport trip to pick up my Australian aunts, which turned a visit to their hotel (where the Hong Kong relatives are also staying), which turned into a family gathering. I LOVE RELATIVES. ♥ Two of my youngest cousins, who were tiny when I saw them last, are now nine and eleven (so grown-up!), and I ended up curled up on a couch with one as he was showing me his DS (and his Sonic the Hedgehog drawings, because my Dad went, 'You draw! You draw anime-type things! GO TO aefallen!' because such is my life), but he was so cute and he is nine years old and plays the violin, and we all got a family demonstration; and we were looking at our pictures when we were kids (yay technology!). And my eleven-year old cousin is so fun to talk to (and she reads A Series of Unfortunate Events, and watches Heroes, and loves Hayden Panetteire and knows who Milo Ventilamiga is) and I'd say she was going to grow up to be an awesome young lady, except that I think she is already an awesome young lady.

Also, I demand to know why I am related to so many good-looking/adorable people, it's giving me an inferiority complex.

Also, why is the CFUD Malik player also playing Basil from Reborn?! IS THERE NO END TO THIS AWESOME?!
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