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"This is madness!" "THIS IS OBSESSION!"

More like "Law so big, my head so tiny, it cannot ALL go in there!"
When the going gets tough, the tough... start scanning. *laughs*

No, seriously, whenever I'm suffering from a bad case of Information Overload, the fastest way for me to get out of it is with a lot of pictures. I don't know why, but somehow when words and text have overrun my cognitive capabilities such that I feel sick when I think about reading and I feel like Johnny Mnemonic with nowhere he can go to download everything that's in his head, pictures fix it. For me, there's something soothing in scanning + editing + cleaning up images, and bright colours and visuals that is a different world from words and helps to somehow fix things inside my head.

For little_ribbon
(who has been awfully patient with this one)
YGO Volume ...35? 36?
(the Millenium World thing reworks all the numbers)
Also known as, "The Millenium Items in 59 KB"
This is The One Where:

+ The Pharaoh gets lost by way of Bakura
+ Seto goes batshit insane trying to find him (no, really)
+ Akhenaden is vaguely creepy and incredibly expository in the background
+ Bakura kicks the Pharaoh's ass
+ In return, Mahaado kicks Bakura's ass
mediafire DL | English | 59.0 MB
full preview view

Mahaado's at the extreme right.

Mana (the Dark Magician Girl) on the left, and Mahaado (the Dark Magician) on the right.

I suppose, if YGO had been Reborn, these two would have been Atem's Gokudera and Yamamoto.

Mahaado = Gokudera. *grin*


I love Seto's obsessive "FIND THE PHARAOH!" command here.

And his stubborn, unyielding belief that Atem is still alive.

And the fact that what he wants to do with his life is be the Pharaoh's strength.

Pity he's got competition. *grin*

You know that moment in Episode 24 of the Abridged Series where Seto yells, "IF YOU LOVE THE PHARAOH SO MUCH, WHY DON'T YOU MARRY HIM?"

Yeah, that was to Mahaado.

I could go on and on and on about why I adore this pairing so much, but I could also let the manga speak for itself:

Because Mahaado's brand of loyalty is the kind that endures through life, death, and the passage of three thousand years.

Now, that's devotion.

I loved Atem so much here.

wait 'til I scan the Dark Magician battle. *grin*

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