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It's Chinese New Year, which means Family from all over the country and all over the globe pick the continent or the home with the highest concentration of fellow family members and come to visit. Objectively, I know that my family doesn't constitute the entire human population of the world, but sometimes it sure feels like it. Chinese New Year is the time of year where you can see family members and distant relatives and people you never knew were related to you. Somebody I had never met wandered into the reunion dinner with an adorable little girl, and I discovered he was my aunt's (father's brother's wife's) brother. I didn't even know my aunt had a brother living in this country until he walked into the room. This is also the time of year when one can concievably wander into a total stranger's house, introduce yourself to everyone and have everyone introduced to you, before realising that HEY YOU ARE IN THE WRONG HOUSE. If you think this is incredible, my uncle actually did this once at a wedding dinner. This was at a hotel where seven couples were getting married at the same time, so you can understand him making the mistake, really, or at least, I can. And the amazing thing was, neither he nor anybody around him realised he was at the wrong wedding dinner. He only discovered after the wedding, when he was talking to my grandmother about the food and she said, "... but that wasn't on the menu."


Today, at the Everybody Gathers At My Grandparents' House visit, my dad found the YGO scans on my music device, and went, "What's YGO?"

And then my dad stood at the door of my grandparents' house with my iThingy showing everybody who walked in a picture of Leather Pants!Yuugi and telling them that it was a photograph of my uncle he'd taken with his new camera.

Said uncle: "Thank you, thank you! You made me look so slim!"

This, of course, was the same uncle, who, at an earlier gathering, reacted to my delighted shout of, "LEGOLAS!" when a LOTR commercial appeared on the TV with, "YES? WHO CALLS ME?"

Aaaaand then my cousin (the uncle's son), who was also made party to this imprompt Leather Pants!Yuugi exhibition went, "You read Yu-Gi-Oh?"

Me: "... yes?"
Him: ""
Me: "YOU TOO?!"

You know how it is when sometimes, to figure out why a person turned out the way they turned out, all you have to do is look at their family, and you go, "Ah."

... yeah, if you want the #1 reason for Why I Turned Out The Way I Turned Out, look no further than my family.

Gatherings with the Other Half aren't free from YGO, either, because we were at another Epic Family Gathering (the kind of epic that involves grand-uncles six years older than me, uncles with whom I have conversations about life in the 1950s, and whose center is my grandmother's brother)

I walked in on my family happily showing my relatives YGO cosplay pictures. And the only questions I got about that were:

"Ooh! Was this in this country?"
And from my eleven-year old cousin, "Did you dye your hair?"
The pictures brought on a discussion about Harajuku and Japanese fashion, actually, which goes to show how ALL KINDS OF WHAT OTHER PEOPLE CALL CRAZY doesn't even warrant a blink over here.

Also, the Other Half makes me feel like an episode of Reborn, because we were watching fireworks this evening, and because my tiny cousin is tiny (think Chibi Gokudera tiny), I lifted him up to watch the fireworks and was holding him so that he wouldn't fall off the windowsill. The fireworks were gorgeous, and tiny cousin, who looks as adorable as Fuuta but actually is much more like Lambo (I really do think he's going to grow up like adult!Lambo, because his elder brother is just like that) and chibi!Gokudera combined, went wild with excitement and exclaimed, "EXPLODING! EXPLOSIONS! BLOW IT ALL UP! ☆__☆ BOOM!"

Not to mention that on the first family dinner, we all raced off to watch the fireworks at midnight, and my youngest brother played this really old Mafia game the other brother calls "Sleeping With The Fishes" with the tiny cousin and the tiny cousin's older sister. And the next day, as I came down for dinner, I found two tiny tiny sticks of firecracker dynamite at my place (small enough for chibi!Gokudera to use).

Which turned out to be full of candy.

... clearly the #1 reason I turned out The Way I Am is MY FAMILY.

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