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trust me
I never withhold consent unreasonably, I just withhold it ALTOGETHER. 
18th-Mar-2008 11:03 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
BECAUSE I ACTUALLY HAVE ENERGY TO POST TONIGHT: Thank you everybody for your replies on my last post. I'm going to reply to every comment, it's just that it might take a while due to work (hearing this Thursday, ohgod work is pouring from the skies). ♥ Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, and I radiate love at all of you. ♥

Linking the Reborn Ranking Meme for amarukei and seki_yumizu! And, um, for atorii (omg thank you so much ♥ ♥ ♥ for last Sunday! ♥) - Mukuro and Chrome's Pineapple Dance (Kufufu. The Prince is so shy). It's the one right at the end, titled "The Lotus and the Pineapple".

Short Reborn fanficshriek moment on the should you/should you not warn for character death in fanfiction debate. I'm of the camp that firmly believes that you should always warn for character death, especially where my favourites are concerned, which in my case means that

Because nearly everybody is my favourite. It's a little bit like Simon of Gurren Lagann's attitude to people. "I can't decide who to save, so I decided TO SAVE EVERYBODY."

my ranking meme results

1 Sawada Tsunayoshi (even though you're the Tenth you'll always be my #1! ♥)
1 Gokudera Hayato (you love Tsuna as much as I do! HOW COULD I NOT LOVE YOU)


1 Yamamoto Takeshi
1 Lambo
1 Chrome Dokuro
1 Dino
1 Naito Longchamp (... HOW DID YOU GET HERE)
1 Irie Shoichi
1 Reborn
1 Colonnello
1 Lal Mirch
1 Rokudo Mukuro
1 Lanchia (GODS, I LOVE YOU! You should be higher up than this)
1 Miura Haru
1 Kurokawa Hana (... not sure how you got here, either. KYOKO SHOULD BE HERE)
1 Sawada Nana
1 Superbia Squalo
1 Belphegor
1 Sawada Iemitsu
1 Basil
1 Hibird
24 Sasagawa Ryohei
24 Hibari Kyoya
24 Romario
24 Byakuran
24 Uni
24 Kakimoto Chikusa
24 Xanxus (You should've been higher than Chikusa, but only because I've read too much X27 fanfiction and it has corrupted my mind and my perception of you so badly)
24 Levi A Than
32 Gamma
32 Glo Xinia (You remind me of Jade gone wrong!)
32 Tazaru
32 Nosaru
32 Leonardo Lippi
32 Skull
32 Kusakabe Tetsuya
32 Joshima Ken
32 M.M.
32 Birds
32 Bianchi (FROM HERE ON DOWN it's all broken because I love them more than THIS)
32 Dr. Shamal (I like you more than Tsuna!Papa. You should be among the #1s, too)
32 Sasagawa Kyoko (I think you and Tsuna are cute. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE)

The second round was much more accurate:

Place Name
1 Sawada Tsunayoshi
1 Gokudera Hayato


1 Yamamoto Takeshi
1 Lambo
1 Chrome Dokuro
1 Dino
1 Naito Longchamp
1 Irie Shoichi
1 Reborn
1 Colonnello
1 Viper/Mammon

[My Top 11 remain exactly the same]

12 Sasagawa Ryohei
12 Hibari Kyoya
12 Romario
12 Lal Mirch
12 Rokudo Mukuro
12 Lanchia
12 I-Pin
12 Bianchi
12 Dr. Shamal
12 Fuuta
12 Sasagawa Kyoko
12 Miura Haru
12 Kurokawa Hana
12 Sawada Nana
12 Superbia Squalo
12 Belphegor
12 Sawada Iemitsu
12 Basil
12 Hibird

(and in some select cases, HATRED)

31 Xanxus
31 Lussuria
31 Levi A Than
34 Byakuran
34 Uni
34 Gamma
34 Glo Xinia
34 Tazaru
34 Nosaru
34 Leonardo Lippi
34 Skull
34 Kusakabe Tetsuya
34 Kakimoto Chikusa
34 Joshima Ken
34 M.M.
34 Birds

*grin!* The reason Tsuna and Gokudera consistently rank so high is because I took one look at Tsuna and went, "... small. Cute. AND SO SILLY and adorable and HE MUST BE PROTECTED. AT ALL COSTS. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!"

... and then I went and read the manga and I realised that that the second half of what I thought was exactly how Gokudera felt about Tsuna, so I fell for him too. I mean! He loves Tsuna as much as I do! WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE. But ohGod, really.

The most recent manga arc had me with my heart in my mouth because I react so badly to Tsuna in peril. (YEAH YEAH I KNOW I KNOW, I've been told I feel too much, but but it's Tsuna.

A quick and easy (literally) guide to What Are My Thoughts on What's Happening to Tsuna: see Gokudera. No, really. Except that I am tiny and don't need three people to hold me down.

my work IP address ends with .100.59.
cheapest of cheap thrills for the made of fail

Also it took a law case to make me realise what the name Tsuna is an anagram for (because I am oblivious sometimes and also because I've only ever seen him referred to in the singular, not the plural). IT WAS THE MOST AWESOME fandom law case I read today because it concerned a Tunas building that not only had the postal code 0207, but was also 27 floors high.

... I also think it was that damned case that would have been really useful to know in my Conveyancing Law exam. It, I think, was the one that decided that people who live in apartment blocks don't have an exclusive right to their parking space such that they are able to assign those rights to other people who don't live in the same apartment.
18th-Mar-2008 05:03 pm (UTC) - For your sake XD
I-I am so sorry Gokudera ranked kinda low xD
Halfway through I was clicking senselessly cos I fell asleep OTL;;;

1 Sawada Tsunayoshi
2 Rokudo Mukuro
3 Hibari Kyoya
4 Lanchia
5 Sasagawa Ryohei
6 I-Pin
7 Gokudera Hayato
8 Fuuta
9 Superbia Squalo
10 Chrome Dokuro
11 Belphegor
12 Dino
13 Viper/Mammon
14 Reborn
15 Colonnello
16 Kusakabe Tetsuya
17 Nosaru
18 Irie Shoichi
19 Gamma
20 Byakuran
21 Bianchi
22 Hibird
23 Miura Haru
24 Sawada Nana
25 Sawada Iemitsu
26 Basil
27 Xanxus
28 Leonardo Lippi
29 Joshima Ken
30 Lal Mirch
31 Yamamoto Takeshi
32 Uni
33 Romario
34 Kakimoto Chikusa
35 Lambo
36 Dr. Shamal
37 Sasagawa Kyoko
38 Kurokawa Hana
39 Lussuria
40 Levi A Than
41 Tazaru
42 Skull
43 M.M.
44 Naito Longchamp
45 Glo Xinia
45 Birds
22nd-Mar-2008 02:57 pm (UTC) - AHAHAHA ~
You notice how our OTPs are the characters at the top of our favourites list? ;)

YAY we're indifferent to the same people, largely!


... oh my God, Yamamoto is so low on your list?


< / is horrible >
22nd-Mar-2008 03:35 pm (UTC) - Re: AHAHAHA ~
I didn't expect him to be that low, I guess I just don't feel much for him?

I never noticed that lol.
22nd-Mar-2008 04:03 pm (UTC) - have my badtouch!Gokudera icon - or should that be badtouch!yamamoto icon, really
AHAHAHAHA ~ ♥ Don't worry, I'm happy. XDDDDDDD

XDDDDDDD Double proof of not feeling much for Yamamoto? I kind of have a weird complex love/hate relationship with Yamamoto, in the "I know I should like him. BUT WHY AM I ALL D8 ABOUT HIM WITH GOKUDERA (which is so odd, because I LOVE how Yamamoto is with Tsuna)." But I've vented to you about this before, OTL.
23rd-Mar-2008 12:43 am (UTC) - Re: have my badtouch!Gokudera icon - or should that be badtouch!yamamoto icon, really
It's not that I hate him or anything.
I actually like Yamamoto pretty much, but I don't feel excited seeing him? XDDD;;; It's hard to explain... nng... he's hot, nice and all but like he's not so much high in the priority list?
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