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Dear little_ribbon,
because you are the last person to leave a comment on this LJ

The Mafia Wants You.

with reference to the actual meme, which I'm not doing, because you link me nice YGO icons. ♥

And because it's so easy to rework it,

but this is how the Tsuna-Spanner version would look like:

Dear Spanner-san,

I don't really know how to tell you this, but...

Our romance is over

Our affair is over

Gokudera would kill you for this

You're a pervert

Our horoscopes don't match.

I think I realized it when you put cuffs on me in your apartment.

And when I saw you write your initials on...

... Let's - let's not go there...

A-anyway, I'm sure you - I hope you'll understand that - that I'm only doing this because if Gokudera found out, he would kill you.

And I don't want that to happen.

I'm returning your handcuffs to you,

but you can keep - you can keep my heart. As a memory.

You should know that - that I always will remember


Go burn,

- Sawada Tsunayoshi.

... what the hell, I broke my heart writing it.

Speaking of writing, kotomine tagged me for the Handwriting Meme, so now for something ... not so different:

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