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Up to my eyeballs in solicitor-ethics lectures this week, which also marks the one month + one week anniversary of my being put intensively on this case which has eaten my mind with its closing arguments. I obsess as badly about work as I do about the series I love, except that I do not obsess about the series I love thirteen hours a day, five days (and sometimes more!) a week. I can't actually seem to shut off about work even when I leave the office, so I could be waiting at a traffic light and find myself thinking, How can I work that case in, How am I going to handle that point, Did I address that issue adequately?


★ So, a while back, tinted_glass and I agreed that Franz Ferdinand's Michael would be a great song for Ryan on crack. Except that I am endlessly optimistic and thought he wouldn't need crack for the song to be perfect. And this week, in a perfect timeless moment of What You Do In Fandom Echoes in Reality, check out this post of hers on Michael-Ryan songs. She also has this awesome review of the latest Office episode up here.

shaorankun is drawing for both Reborn AND KKM. ♥ ♥ ♥ BOTH the fandoms I love deeply at the same time.

Reborn Chapter 191. Gokudera, I love you very much, but you are topped by Cat, and also eminently mockable. ♥ Also, Ryohei, I LOVE YOU FOREVER FOR NOT BEING YAMAMOTO, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me one more person to ship with Gokudera. More electrical bondage, please. HA! Official Tsuna-Reborn, Reborn-Tsuna cosplay. *SNERK*

WARNING: Everything behind the cut was written by a deranged Gokudera/Tsuna fan who can see 5927 everywhere. And I mean everywhere. You have been warned. Please read the manga, do not let what is behind the cut disturb you.

MANGA REC #1: Mirai Nikki: diaries that tell the future and the battle for them.

To my complete shock, I managed to really like the main female lead despite her looking like this and being Generally The Sort of Annoying Manga Girl I Thought I Loved To Hate. I think she's kickass and obsessive, and a large part of this I blame on reading morphaileffect's The Tenth Diary - a Gokudera/Tsuna slanted crossover between Mirai Nikki and Reborn. I'm not sure if I love the female lead because I equate her with Gokudera, but:

I've not read Mirai Nikki before, but I went to check it out so I'd appreciate the fic more. Yuno (the girl Gokudera's based on in the crossover) shares the same USE ME TENTH attitude as Gokudera (and reminds me a little bit of Yuko-chan from Loveless). She has the same I WILL PROTECT YOU NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS! quality, as well. Not to mention the Tenth, Tenth, depend on me, Tenth complex. Also, whoa, she has AMAZING PROTECT THE TENTH (in this case, the First) AS IF I WERE TO DIE intensity. Plus extra obsessive clinginess! And both Yuno and Gokudera want to be in the object of their devotion's family - though Gokudera is by the way of the RIGHT-HAND MAN, and Yuno's is by becoming Yuki's bride.

... Gokudera wanting to become Tsuna's bride would kind of crack me up a lot.

And this is how the series' Gokudera reacts to the series' Chrome.

The main character is wonderfully dame!Tsuna, in the I'm just a failure! sense.

Though this girl (from a chapter titled, appropriately enough, Heart's Bomb), reminded me most of Gokudera in his LET'S BLOW THE SCHOOL UP! WITH DYNAMITE! incarnation. She, like Gokudera, is a terrorist, and IS a human bomb.

And that was hardly straight, guys.

MANGA REC #2: ULTIMO, the manga lovechild of Hiroyuki Takei (responsible for Shaman King) and Stan Lee. Rec'd by lacewood, here (read for more series information and the creative process behind this manga). I fell in love with it upon sighting the first panel. Imagine it as an Eternal Battle between Sync from Tales of the Abyss and the lovechild of Luke from Abyss and Tsuna from Reborn. If you think this is insane, go read the manga. ♥ Come scream at me if you need to ♥

MANGA REC #3: That Neon Genesis Evangelion MAFIA SCHOOL AU AU. First rec'd to me by lacewood, series explanation by kotomine here. Read this if you are a Shinji/Kaoru fan, and

lacewood linked this NGE AU manga and I cannot stop thinking of Kaworu as a cross between Gokudera and Mukuro, and Asuka as a cross between Gokudera, Xanxus and Squalo, and Shinji as just straight-out TSUNA.

SEE: it is described as "Shinji Ikari spends his days at the NERV Foundation Academy (A Catholic school) in a peaceful yet bored stupor, when one night, after witnessing the figures of Rei Ayanami, the object of his affection, and a boy he’s never seen before running from the scene of a violent explosion, he happens to find an odd gem. Soon after, he meets the transfer student Kaworu Nagisa, the fleeing boy he’d seen with Ayanami, and is forcibly recruited to assist Rei, Kaworu, and Asuka Soryuu Langely in fighting the “Angels”, beings who wish to destroy the Earth."

Kaoru's Mukuro moment.
And more Mukuro moments on body-possession! What with invading others' bodies!
... - that pose is so Mukuro/Tsuna, if Mukuro was a lot cruder.

Eyepatch!Rei = Eyepatch!Yamamoto?

Why Kaoru = Gokudera
Silver-haired foreigner in a Mafia suit with the TRANSFER STUDENT SYNDROME.
Although this smile better befits Byakuran.
Plus, the cool foreigner whom every girl in class goes insane over syndrome.
Despite the interest, he's far more interested in the wimpy main character.
Who wonders how he got into this mess. And really doesn't want to be in that mess. REALLY REALLY REALLY.
Like I said, Mafia suit.
Like I said, silver-haired foreigner who's really INTERESTED in you.
Kaoru and Gokudera even have the same kind of angst.
I swear Gokudera has worn that exact expression at SOME point in time.
Protective moment, maybe?
... AHAHAHAHA! Tsuna and Gokudera should have a moment like THIS!


Ahahaha, Touji and Shinji are SO Jounouchi and Yuugi. Heh. Agaaaain. WOW, GUYS, NEVER STOP, KEEP BRINGING IT ON. ♥

... if someone says YamaGoku, I will explode. The line's more GokuTsuna, though! ;)

AND THIS IS Asuka's Wolfram face! XD

bitterwork, whose Reborn icons I love, has made AMAZING KKM ICONS. I'm using one right now. ♥ (THAT SLAP SCENE WILL NEVER. EVER. GET OLD WITH ME.)

Summary and Screencaps for KKM Season 3 Episode 82. This episode involves Greta acquiring a pet bearbee she names, of all things, Yuuram. This episode is basically Gremlins Does KKM. Right down to DON'T TOUCH THE WATER IT MAKES CUTE THINGS GO BAAAAD. Every week, no matter how silly the plot, no matter what other people think of the episode, no matter what, period: this series FORCIBLY reminds me of why I fell in love with it, why I still love it, and why I will love it forever. BECAUSE LOVE LIKE THIS NEVER DIES.

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