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breaking all your laws, one at a time.

Having a lovely time, WISH YOU WERE HERE



Also, Yamamoto: Tenth says I can officially tell the world that I won the right-hand man fight. :D (if this does not make any sense, it is because Tenth said first to Japan gets to be the right-hand man. That means I WIN.)

Also if I had had my way we would ALL have been in Japan together. WHY ARE YOU NOT HERE PEI YI. ... also, because wherever I go THERE THE RAIN GOES TOO, the very day we arrived in Japan, the tsuyu season started. This means it rains cats, leopards, and kangaroos, ETC ETC ETC, FOR two whole weeks. (This also means that you will get perfect weather, Yi, because life is just unfair that way) This also means that I can now write a fic entitled 80 Kinds of Rain because that's how much I've seen over here.

... but here's the crazy thing. Day after I came here, I went up from Kyoto to Tokyo to meet Tenth (because my leave schedule and Tenth's leave were completely not in love with each other and this was so heartbreaking for the both of us, because it meant that when she was in my home country, I would be in Japan). And then I was GODDAMIT AM NOT MISSING TENTH BOTH IN JAPAN AND HOME COUNTRY, so I was TENTH I COME DOWN AND SEE YOU. (this is why the JR pass is MAGIC).

Tenth said it was crazy! Tenth said I was crazy!

Tenth did not, however, say no.

Tenth was very sweet and encouraging! SO I WENT! And we got to go doujin shopping together, which was AWESOME. I cry that I can pick good YamaGoku doujin for her (it was a NALIS cover how can you go wrong), and she found this really sweet GokuTsuna doujin anthology for me.


AND IT TURNS OUT SHE LIKES YATSHUHASHI, so that made me about 27 times happier. Apparently you can't get it in Tokyo, you have to go all the way down to Kyoto for it - WHICH WAS WHERE I WAS COMING FROM. (lol it was so amazing. Tenth called later to make sure I was safe back in the hotel and I was apologising for bringing it in a plastic bag, and she was, 'Gokudera did that too!' XDDDD

And the weird thing is, since I met Tenth: the weather has been blue skies and sunshine ever since.

Incidentally, lacewood: June appears to be Yamamoto Doujin Event month. I actually really do wish you were here, you would love it. Or at least you would find it very funny. The YamaGoku doujin event is on the 8th of June, and there is a Yamamoto/Tsuna doujin event in late June.

... also, WHY AM I COMPLETELY COINCIDENTALLY IN JAPAN FOR THE GAKUSAI YAMAMOTO-GOKUDERA EVENT. WHY. (some evil and also masochistic part of me thinks it would be fun to watch from a distance)

(happiness except for the part where the first thing I did upon getting Internet access was check my work email to discover that I've been given several new files, one of which is Client Disputing Bill. NOW THAT SHOULD BE FUN)

So risax and I are in Tokyo at last! It has been a whirlwind week: we landed in Kansai on Monday morning, took the train to Kyoto, and were based in Kyoto for the past few days. On Thursday we went up to Nara (save your senbei [deer crackers] money! we went on a day when HORDES of Japanese schoolchildren were visiting Nara, and watching the tourists feed themselves to the deer was even funnier (and FREE) than the actual deer-feeding. The screams of YADA!!! and ITAI!!! (oh come on, the deer is only pulling at your clothes, not gnawing at you) are - excruciatingly funny. Clearly we also are sadists but that is a story for another day). And then after Nara, we went up to Osaka and walked the Shinsaibashi. And then we took the train back to Kyoto. All in the same day.

And then the next day, we came up to Tokyo, which is where we are now.


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