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The Entry That Was Supposed to Be [Abyss, Boys with Spanners, and GEASS LOVE.]

Warning: THIS POST IS 屑, 屑 and THEN SOME MORE 屑:

ahahahaha today I created a document chronology until I made myself quite sick from all the document-to-screen-to-document, and I brought more of them home. BUT I was going to say something:

There was this story my Mom told me which I found hilariously funny. My mom was talking to her technician one day, and her technican was telling her about how she despaired of her little boy, who was about five or six years old, and according to his mother, demonstrated (in her opinion) negligible conversational skills, especially when talking to other people. But that wasn't all. "I hope he'll be all right," she said, to my Mom, "He wants to be a mechanic when he grows up. He's already wandering around the house with a spanner trying to fix things."

And all this at the age of five or six.

Younger inclinations don't always lead to the child's future profession, but sometimes, it is said, you can just tell. I am not entirely sure this sort of career prediction-based-on-childhood-predilictions worked with me, but just maybe...

(1) read a lot

(2) thought a lot
Imagine, if you will, that my given name was Tsunayoshi. This is what would happen when my Mom caught me doing nothing at the age of five.

Mom: "What's Tsuna doing?"
Me: *looks at her* "Tsuna's thinking."

I have absolutely no recollection of this and absolutely no idea of what I could have been thinking about. BUT THERE YOU HAVE IT.

(3) corrected people a lot
THIS sometimes DISTURBED PEOPLE (unless they were my mom, in which case, it amused her), i.e. because all this happened when I was three:

Uncle, trying to get me to talk: *points at fish on plate* "Fish! Fish!"
Me: *stares at him in mild disgust* "Pomfret."
Uncle: D:

(or this one)

*after an accident with some food that had landed, via human accident, on the couch*
Mom: "Oh. The jelly dropped."
Me: *eyes her* "Fell."

(4) was terribly opinionated, despite small size
(this, when I was four)

A family friend's sister, a fascinating chain-smoking lady, had come to visit. She lit up in the house, at which I'd stared at her, and promptly come over.

Me (at four, to my parents' horror and subsequent shushing and apologising): "Don't you know smoking is bad for you?!"
(what an obnoxious brat)
Cigarette-Smoking Lady: *took one look at me* *laughed and laughed* "I certainly have all the evidence before me!"

(5) fought. a lot.
Had two brothers, enough said.

- The Abyss anime will have 26 episodes.
- Go check out the Abyss teaser trailer: it has FLAILING SCREAMING GUY RECOILING from the Fabre maids. And PRETTY LUKE. ♥ (but then I am weak to Luke like Rolo is weak to Niisan)
- The Abyss anime PV: which has baby!Luke (goddamn you Sunrise, my heart wrenched), a really handsome Guy ♥, and all the amazing stuff you only saw in game CG coming to life in anime.
- Also raethes made this awesome Mieu icon for this OH-SO-ADORABLE scene in the PV where he's BREATHING FIIIIIRE at Luke's enemies, and doing it in such an adorable YAY!!! MIEU IS BEING USEFUL TO MASTER!! fashion. I-want-to-eat-him-all-up. (I have even more love for the icon and Rae's icon-making skills than Mieu is emitting in this icon, which is saying. A LOT.)
- eternal_rena put up these lovely Tales of the Abyss anime character sketches/previews from the Tales Magazine on the community. It's public, so accessible by all, and so pretty. The Luke character sketches and the Guy character sketches made me laugh the hardest. Oh Guy. You and your priceless expressions.
- Tales of the Abyss scanlated on OneManga! ♥ It's by the Wings of an Angel group (they have always been incredibly sweet when asking permission to use scans, and I would TOTALLY scan more if only I had the time T_T)
- Tales of the Abyss Chapter 13 is up, which makes me so happy, because it's one of my favourite chapters. It's the Asch-and-Luke MEMORIES IN THE RAIN chapter. ♥

Also, milk_of_lime did this ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS ROLO ARTWORK OVER HERE. No spoilers. But omg, so pretty I COULD CRY WITH JOY.

AH, AND, speaking of which, maiki, your Brave Story doujinshi got here! ♥ I've given Kura her copy, and omg. ♥ The cover is gorgeous, and my favourite story is, um, yours, actually. Because Mitsuru totally needed that. ♥ AHAHAHAHAHA. I kind of grinned like a maniac when reading it, so YEAH. ♥ I'm so happy to be able to own doujin drawn by you. ♥
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