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First things first:

To every wonderful teacher on my list:


artwork by kuromai, here
used with permission from the artist
from her post, Grab the spanner, the shark is eating the pineapple.

Her introductory words? "I introduce you the 3 teachers from Hitoman Rep0rn school."

IS IT NOT AWESOME. ♥ I thought it would make the PERFECT HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY THING TO SAY, especially for the teachers on my flist into Reborn, so I asked permission to do this and she said yes. ♥

haha. And it's kind of really silly, but I felt like saying this: so this week has been a real nightmare on every imaginable front, and I really do mean every imaginable front. I was staggering out from the office tonight and thought I should ring one of my teachers to wish him Happy Teachers' Day (I've got my teachers' home numbers on my cellphone, and now I've started working I wonder why on earth would they give their home numbers to me, when I was in school I assumed it was something all teachers did). This was my previous form teacher, who taught me history. So I called, and I happened to get his voice mail, and there was something in just hearing that familiar voice, so unthinkably clear as if time had never passed at all, saying,

"This is [HIS NAME]. I think I've finally fixed this thing so you can actually leave a message after the beep.

that made me feel instantly, completely, better.

It's not only around Teachers' Day that I think about my teachers and how I simply wouldn't be here without them. I think my time with them, although it was just two years, as, simply, a time in my life where my intellect made the greatest advances and developments. Crazily enough, even university didn't measure up to that. And you could argue that I learned the most in university, but dear God, for sheer PSYCHIC TORTURE BREAKING YOU IN THROUGH TO NEW AND AMAZING HORIZONS YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU WERE CAPABLE OF, and making you so much FASTER BETTER STRONGER SMARTER MORE THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT YOU COULD BE, nothing could beat my junior college; nothing.

Except maybe my job.

In other words, torture is essential to effective learning.

lots of love to those of you working @ 萌え. < / iamsolame.>

Words cannot express my extreme sadness at being unable to attend Teacher's Day at my old school this year. Since I left in 2002, I've attended it and/or visited the school around that time every year until... now. And it is such great irony that I can't attend this year because - guess what? I'M BEING EDUCATED. There's a seminar on the use of and new trends in expert evidence testimony which I simply cannot miss, which is a great tragedy because, work, you know, I could take leave for, but a one-and-only-seminar? Can't be missed. The timing clashes BEAUTIFULLY with the teachers' day celebrations, too. HENCE MY EPIC HEARTBREAK.

also in stupid news:

Q: "What is that sound?"
A+Q: ... "Silence. Why?"
A: "It's the sound of someone no longer paddling up that old Egyptian river."

Behind the cut is the most pathetic thing you will ever see in your entire life.

I'm listening to take me out to the ballgame, by david cook. I am not going to promise that it is awesome and mind-blowing music.

ANYWAY. Inoue Suguru's blog is named SUGU TORNADO, WTF LOL. I kind of HATE how I loved it AT FIRST SIGHT, because oh my God. It's just - so charming and completely natural, and it's basically the way I see the world. LOOK at the things he finds worthy of blogging (I won't dignify his entries by calling them 'writing') about:

((゜ロ゜;)) RUN & GUN. HE LIKES RUN & GUN! With complete indifference to how this comes across as Screaming Mindless Fangirl, OH MY GOD!!! (Niisan loves Run & Gun, and therefore they get AUTOMATIC LOVE from me!)They did the Air Gear musical, and that really should explain Nearly everything. ;)

(ʘ_ʘ) THIS. Is a photograph of him and 松山さん, whom I take to mean Takashi Matsuyama, Yamamoto Tsuyoshi's seiyuu. ♥ HE IS SO SWEET IN THIS ENTRY OMG. PHOTO OF YAMAPAPA'S SEIYUU, HOW COULD THIS BE WRONG? ❤

\(゚∀゚)/━━!!! HE. THINKS. (haha! he thinks!) Newtype ROMANCE (what the hell Suguru are you even a boy) is worth making an entire post about. OKAY FINE it was because Reborn was mentioned. But STILL. THAT IS NEWTYPE ROMANCE. A.K.A. that publication whose distribution is primarily 99% Yaoi Fangirl.

( ̄▽ ̄)Not only that, he also thinks PASH (seiyuu magazine) is WORTH MAKING AN ENTIRE ENTRY ABOUT. (oh my god so much STUPID LOVE. ❤)

\(^▽^)\ He thinks fireworks are worth posting about. Just fireworks.

... ❤

(^∀^)fluffy white cats and brown dogs. Household Pet Ranking ROFL, also the caption on the dog picture?" お犬様(ミロ)は、エアコンがあるリビングで寛いでいやがります。" You -sama your dog (Milo?)? ... aircon!?!?!?! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD. *DIES LAUGHING* (lol my Japanese could be TOTALLY WRONG PLEASE KICK ME IF SO)


... I really could get to love this guy. ~ ❤

... He's so cute.

( ̄へ  ̄ ) What the hell did I just say.

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