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a blast from the past that's coming up FAST

A very early Happy Halloween post, everybody (look, Livejournal's already switched the viewing in anticipation), as the next four days are quite literally going to be hell for me, and I don't expect to be able to be on very much, if at all:

Last night, lacewood, cynic_in_charge and I celebrated Halloween by venturing into the Night Safari for the special Halloween event (so scary, people wrote in to the national newspapers to complain). Jack-o-lanterns and skeletons greeted us at the entrance, and the Forest Giants trail had been decorated in suitably macabre fashion with dismembered limbs, bloodstained ghouls, and all manner of the dead and departed. We were not greeted with the more extreme and interactive forms of terror worthy of writing in to the newspapers for, but I will freely admit I am very easily terrified and did actually consider the Malayan jungle horror walk unnerving on some level. However, I was not afraid, as I was with lacewood, who was concerned that she would accidentally punch anyone leaping out of the bushes to scare her, and cynic_in_charge, who rightly paid more attention to the flying squirrels and absent giraffes than the forest freakshow.

Then after a while it started to remind me of Bon Festival, as written by Akira Amano. It was also immensely amusing to me to wander about and be able to say things like, "It looks like Uri!" when looking at the fishing cat, and "Hibari" when staring at the porcupines, and have people understand. (This was like when I went to the zoo with rukia the last time [I really missed having your brother's sharp eyes for wildlife around, Airy], and we were both looking at the kangaroos and simultaneously had... I was going to say Extreme thoughts, but that really sounds wrong now, doesn't it?) Also, I like bats, having grown up in my grandparents' house, which always had at least three in the rafters at any given time (it was very fun to go and watch them sleeping soundly in the daytime, they were tropical fruit bats, and I always felt that they were extremely cute).

However, the three of us were the only ones in the tram-safari ride pulling out from the main station, and as we had decided to sit right at the very back - well, I must admit I felt incredibly spoilt and happy and privileged as the tram did in the event move off with just three of us, so the guide gave us a very personalised tour and commentary. ♥



note: The actual cover does not actually look like that, it looks like this.
But I think 'my' version captures the look of timeskip!Darren better XD)
Darren Shan Manga Volume 8 preview scans
(13 pages (Happy Halloween!), 5.37 MB, 200 dpi)
[ps! manga + extras = 188 pages, this is just but what I bought it for a little of it.]

The most important thing you need to know
about Volume 8 of the Darren Shan manga is:

STEVE'S BAAAAACK (and so DAMN pretty)

And Darren doesn't look half-bad either.

The first shot you get of Steve. Moonlight! Looking down from the top of a tall building with the wind in his hair!


Darren's reaction looks so shoujo manga:

Uh, until you realise that expression is because Steve has a crossbow bolt pointed at his heart.



... I must admit I was so excited about scanning this picture that I utterly failed to scan it straight.

Well, Photoshop is for wonderful things XDDD

Especially since the context of that picture is that Darren just had this intense conversation with Debbie on the phone.
(Debbie's really pretty, by the way. I wanted to scan her too! BUT THEN THIS POST WOULD'VE BEEN ANOTHER HOUR LATE)

HIGHLY dubious bonus

This is how I saw the Darren and Steve shots.

Other Amazing Things About Darren Shan

☠ Did you know that we're getting a Darren Shan Movie in 2009? Here's the IMDB cast list! VERY NOTABLE MENTIONS:
Ken Watanabe as MR. TALL
WILLEM DAFOE as Gavner Purl
(The Green Goblin in Spider-man, the voice of Gil in Finding Nemo, I COULD GO ON AND ON)
★John C. Reilly as Mr Crepsley (WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING)
Selma Hayek as Madame Truska
I'm kinda blinking a lot in shock here, guys. Excuse the incoherency. This really is official, you can see it on the Darren Shan website.

☠ The Darren Shan manga has been licensed, and is to be released by Yen Press, in 2009, in time for the movie's release. The author himself was proofreading the US adaptation of the manga as of September 2008.

☠ You can still read the first five chapters of the Darren Shan manga scanlated on onemanga right here, though. (omg. reading this while reading Volume 8 is a real headtrip)

☠ Check out the (fanart) by the scanlators of Darren as Spider-man and Steve as Venom. ♥ (must re-read Volume 1, I swear I have seen it before)
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