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and boy have I got something to say

So on Monday I turned up at work, and after feeling progressively worse, went off to a clinic, where I was told by a very sweet elderly doctor that I had a fever I wasn't aware I was running. He greeted my surprise with a disapproving, "You mean you didn't know?" At which I recalled this instance last year when the country was hit by a shock following an earthquake in a neighbouring region, and at which several of us young pupils felt ill. Which we responded to by thinking 'We must be working too hard' and went right back to work.

ANYWAY! I WANT TO SAY A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO firestorm717 for the lovely gift, which had me beaming from ear to ear, and also, ONE DAY I HAVE TO TAKE YOU OUT FOR DINNER AND DRINKS, YOU BEING ONE OF THE PEOPLE ON LIVEJOURNAL WHICH I AM UTTERLY CONVINCED I WILL MEET ONE DAY. ♥ :D :D :D BEST WISHES IN YOUR CHOICES - I can actually imagine you as this amazing Professor Emeritus one day, and that'd be just ONE of your stellar academic achievements. :D

Also! The Supreme Court is throwing a massive open house next weekend, from the 14 - 15th of March. Check out the Website Here. It's called The Living Courthouse. This is pretty cool because the Court is never open on weekends, ordinarily, so it is a FUN TIME TO GO AND TAKE A LOOK. There will apparently be a series of short, informative and light-hearted court enactments, but honey I have got to object to that description because you're re-enacting bankruptcy, personal injury claims, seizure of property, and breach of contract. There is absolutely nothing light-hearted about that.

And now I simply must pass on the link that anyasy gave me:

★★★ The Live-Action All-Female Phoenix Wright Musical, as performed by the Takarazuka Revue. You remember the Zuka Club in Ouran High School Host Club? Well, the Takarazuka Revue was the Zuka Club's inspiration!

I've never made a secret of how I feel about Phoenix Wright, but even I have to say that the ten-minute preview here is utterly compelling. Phoenix and Edgeworth are especially noteworthy. You are never in doubt that they are played by women, but both their actresses are incredibly charismatic, and they are amazingly good at being masculine. Watch it, you'll see what I mean.
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