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your mind just became a very beautiful crime scene.

In a move that surprises absolutely no one (given the recent nature of posts here):

I have changed my layout.
(I've had the previous one for over two years. I think it was time.)

The layout features Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke from White Collar; layout code was by daemon @ spire; tiny icons by way of Fugue Icons. And of course, you recognise the text from Dashboard Confessional's Stolen. (Another incredibly relevant Dashboard Confessional song/video is Thick as Thieves)

... also, I was watching Maroon 5's video for Misery (warning for Extreme Girl-on-Guy Violence) - and I couldn't help thinking of Neal/Kate. For the lyrics, not the... incredibly over-the-top violence.

Inception fic rec and art recs.

INCEPTION SPOILERS: i am the hero of this story (don't need to be saved): Mal POV, Gen. What-if fic. (mal/dom, mal&arthur, ariadne, eames.) In other words, the Inception fic I have been wanting to read since I saw the movie.

Inception Art Recs (All worksafe)
1. Arthur. On a Horse. WITH GUNS. THIS IS AWESOME. GO SEE IT. I WANT TO LINK IT ESPECIALLY FOR theprerogative because you fill me with the kind of awe I feel when I see this picture. (I LOVE ARTHUR, AND YOU, A LOT, OKAY. THIS IS A GOOD THING.)
2. Arthur and Eames STEAL THINGS. Really cute style. Illustrated children's book-style.
3. Arthur again.
4. Inception cast doodles (Dom, Ariadne, Eames, Arthur).
5. Crack!art: I am horrible and this made me laugh: Warning for Mild Language. Cobb's 99 Problems. Or maybe Just One.
6. And MORE CRACK!Art: Saito and Cobb: Escape from Limbo.

Why I totally want an Inception/White Collar crossover. Here's a starting point:

1. The #1 reason I want a White Collar / Inception crossover:
"We don't just need a thief. We need a forger."
Because when these series collide, your mind is STILL the scene of the crime.

2. Why Inception/White Collar is a match made in heaven: This review says it best: " Dom Cobb, a white-collar thief who specializes in the art of extraction, a futuristic technique that allows him to enter a person’s dreams and remove even their darkest secrets."

3. Both series star stellar sharp-dressed men! See A knight in shining Armani: Blog post on well-dressed men, illustrated by Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Neal (Matt Bomer). NEED I SAY MORE.

Have at the only crossover I've liked so far:

Chiaroscuro: Neal meeting young!Ariadne, and drawing lessons. Interesting character backstory and interaction.

White Collar/Inception worldbuilding thoughts. (Let's dream a little bigger. Darlings.)

Interrogation and investigation in the subconscious! Subconscious security as an industry! Mind-crime investigation's greatest breakthrough: realising that the dreamer and his subconscious was their greatest ally. (The subconscious /knows/ what is alien. And it is your greatest ally.)

And then there are the CRAZY ideas, like: Reforming criminals by PERFORMING INCEPTION on them! And it being in the early stages, so sometimes the criminals end up really, REALLY messed up! Neal in your DREAMS stealing your SECRETS! Idea theft in the creative industry! INFORMATION WARS! Deliberately seeding FALSE INFORMATION in peoples' heads! TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT!
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