breaking all your laws, one at a time. (aefallen) wrote,
breaking all your laws, one at a time.

Forgive Me My Image-Linking Trespasses

I salute all of you with the tenacity to keep clicking properties and copy-pasting URLs to see the broken image-links. Curious. They work for me. In any case I shall post them again.

Tell me if it works? And if it doesn't?

Writers' Circle! Well, what we could get of it ; )

Fitz: El and Eda both, aefallen, get your hands off my Beloved!

*aefallen steps back gleefully* *begins taking photographs*

Rataliens. Made me feel very t.A.t.U. Speaking of t.A.t.U., I must mention once again arwen_elvenfair’s Legolas icon which said, “I want to pull you closer, but you leave me feeling frozen.”

This picture, Ratal knows, is my Beloved.

This picture makes me feel delightfully punchy. *laughter*

*HUGS* Doesn't she have Legolas' eyes? *beams*

The Ringwraith and I!

Together, we are only Zen. You know, we need the Fool.

At which I will gleefully step out of the picture and begin taking pictures.

The infamous Aragorn and Legolas. Names in brackets are their original names, which I deemed not sufficient to meet the demands of fandom.

Warning: Cruelty to Stuffed Animals Ahead

Peter Pan Icons

Went to Swensen's with family. Huge family outing (as much as we can get). Aunt, Legolas Fancier, Non-Legolas Fancier, Mom, and both brothers. LF told me of NLF's extremely healthy attitude to Orlando Bloom. When shown a picture of him, her first observation was, "His socks don't match."

Swensen's has the temerity to put pearls on their Dory Fish. *horror* Yes, the sago pearls you find in bubble tea. It was (to me) revolting.

Had an Earthquake (Huge ice-cream. Not the tectonic disaster. Only gastronomic). Also had exchange with brother that follows as such.

Me: *wounded* "You lied. There is no caramel."

Sibling: "I care not." *flippantly goes to take up the long-handled spoon* "Where's Ratsy?"

Do not know what brought it on.

He can't read my mind, can he?

Other sibling, today, referred to a certain "Dobby the House-wife".

Same sibling who throws things at me to get my attention and meows me out of bed.



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