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I... I've forgotten what I wanted to say...

I know I had an LJ post somewhere in my head, but it fled when I saw the icon kannazuki made for me, which is beyond gorgeous and makes me wish I was here to watch The Last Samurai. :: falls in love ::

Without London I would not be conscious of the fact that I like Justin Timberlake's songs.

Wednesday, 31st December

nescienx and aingeal_isilme came over! *beams* Set my eyes on Smith after half a year of separation! Watched the MTV Movie Awards Matrix Spoof, thanks to nescienx, and now the youngest sibling cannot stop replying, "What if I fail?" to every request we make of him.

Same youngest sibling finally finished Golden Fool! On Friday! Went out into the garden to read, and fell asleep before finishing the book XD When he woke up, he was, "Whoa...!" *looks around* "My tea is cold!"

Pirates of the Caribbean extras! Unfortunately I think Orlando very pretty, even in outtakes.

Had to run out halfway to meet up with a friend and lacewood to return much-overdue owed items. On the bus journey back the lady across the aisle from me caught my attention when she said, "Aragorn is a very charming king." Very XD moment. Later discovered she has ranchelle's laugh. She was speaking to her son, and I've never heard a more involved or interesting conversation between a parent and a child on a bus before. She said, "Books sometimes have a great influence on us," and I was - OMG... This is an adult after my own heart! Told her I'd liked the conversation very much. She smiled and said that she and her son were friends.

Went to watch Love Actually with wynter_myst, too. XDXDXD

nescienx-accompanied movie screenings - We see Head of State slash. GO US! Love Actually Hugh Grant's "We are a great country" speech so obviously a speech by a uke who doesn't want to be a uke anymore.

That being New Year's Eve, was out with family at night for dinner. Then father decided to give us a tour of Singapore by night. We ended up spending an extremely fun hour on Mount Faber. I will drag anyone who wants to go there. At night. Youngest sibling saw the tree on Faber Point and went, "LOOK! THE WHITE TREE!"

Me: "You mean Lord of the Rings?"

Him: "Duh..."

Went to pasar malam after that. ^_^ Have missed all these things about home.

Picked up a lizard hitch-hiker on the car. White-tree-seeing sibling attempted to use a crushed beer can to frighten the lizard off. Gave up after three attempts, when the lizard disappeared under the car.

New Year's Day - Thursday

Extended family lunch!

On attempting to study Law after dinner, managed to keep eyes on notes for about a little over an hour, and then all of a sudden an entire page of Lev Actually surged forth. I plead studying trespass on the person and the intentional infliction of harm. Thinking assault, battery and false imprisonment somehow puts me in Serry-writing mode. I will do better next time.

2nd January 2004, Friday

Ice Angel and JN came over, and were joined later by HY. Have discovered that playing Disney songs while playing cards causes a precipitious drop in my IQ. Discovered that Macdonald's has a Mandarin Orange pie out. IA, JN and I not impressed. Had much XD when attempts were made to figure out what exactly one did with youngest sibling's tube-and-glove-finger blowpipe with hilarious results.

Met up with anyasy, risax, homura, clinquant and deepresonance over a MRT turnstile. We were accosted by guy who demanded to know if we were going for a cell group. And couldn't take no for an answer. Discovered also that ex-JC has now arranged itself according to Houses. Am wondering if the Math lecturer who told us while we were integrating the volume of a cone that it was the Sorting Hat was somehow put in charge of the school planning system. homura and I vote Slytherin.

Very much amused to discover that sibling's orientation group is a race, and that all of them are turtles.

Could've been worse. Another group consisted entirely of tilapia.

Today, 3rd January 2004

Out with mother and youngest sibling in Orchard. Have discovered many devious things to do with beads. Attempt to take afternoon nap completely destroyed by youngest sibling, who demanded to paint my Ringwraith. Now once-silver Ringwraith now looks slightly more like the one homura gave me. Went into parents' room and was traumatised in the course of what seemed to be an ordinary conversation. The older you get, the more 0_0-inducing things are heard in the house.


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