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The Mid-Sessionals are OVER! Goodbye Mid-Year exams on the first day of school!

I feel like:

Infringing a Convention right
Violating a human right
Breaching a duty of care
Perpetrating a libel
Breaching a fiduciary duty
Being found liable for an invasion of privacy
Inflicting psychiatric harm
Committing assault and battery

Perhaps as a result, I've updated Ratal!

Bilbo was found liable for intentionally inflicting emotional distress upon the guests at his birthday party, who all suffered psychiatric shock as a result of his unannounced vanishing act. The Ringwraiths were found guilty on several counts of aggravated assault, and countless charges of battery. Aragorn was held liable for falsely imprisoning Frodo in the Prancing Pony, however momentarily. Merry and Pippin were held not to possess the proprietary right to take produce from Farmer Maggot's lands, and were also found guilty of trespass, as were Sam and Frodo. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli were found to have been in breach of a duty of care with regard to Boromir, as an unacceptable delay occurred between Boromir's blowing the Horn of Gondor and their arriving to aid him. All present at the Council of Elrond were found guilty in Frodo's giving his uninformed consent to being Ringbearer, as he was unaware of the full details of the task, which any reasonable Ringbearer deserved to know. Litigation covered the face of Middle-Earth, and aefallen was sued for her failure to use an LJ-cut.

As for what happened up there, it was the effect of too much Law on an already unbalanced mind.

It's strangely wonderful to be back at Hall! Why am I surrounded by so many good-looking people?!

Went down for dinner for the first time since I came back! Discovered that ginger cake is revolting. Either that, or it's the way my hall makes it. Was sequestering self in room on the pretext of studying. Ha. I managed to read all of Empire back-to-back. The Last Samurai issue. ^_^

Also, if anyone can get FILM, it's giving away free art prints for RotK. Unfortunately I've only been able to get my hands on the Sam-Frodo, Arwen and Gandalf set. There's an Aragorn, Legolas and Gollum set out there somewhere, purportedly, but I cannot find it. Teh sob.

arrch! Thank you for telling me about ammonium's art in The Persian Boy! Oblivious Fitz that I am, I didn't see it until I was told to look for it ; ) I've found Nemo, and I've found Harry! (I admit I cheated to find Harry XD) Will report more! And ammonium, I adore the book! Have finished more than half of it, and will give you more detailed review when am done! *HUGS*

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