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trust me
*throws a celebration* 
30th-May-2003 02:17 am
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
*delight* Am here thanks to lacewood! Thank you! *smile smile smile*


Is there anything I can do in return? Icons? Layouts? Any requests? :)

Thank you *grin* Mouth is much better now :)

*consoles* Ouch! Hope you feel better soon...

Wow, you went cycling? :) I would crawl to somewhere air-conditioned and hide.

That's right! :) Fitz and the Fool are quite safe. :) Truth is, in the Farseer Trilogy, more people are safe than we would otherwise think. :) I have the feeling that a great many parallels could be drawn between that series and King Lear :)

It is 2.17am in the morning and I have work tomorrow.

*laughs it off and begins writing*

Met up with Serene this evening :) Went to Raffles City. Found extremely amusing things which I will now plague Ratal with. *evil, sinister laughter* Went to eat at Out of the Pan. Tried the lemon grass - ginger and honey fig ice cream. Serene is right. The lemon grass ice cream tastes like Strepsils. :) Had the Peking Duck crepe. (Had the feeling it was just roast duck, but it was good, nevertheless!) Said crepe also came with what they called sambal lychees.

Tried the Apple-Cinnamon Waffle. It was really good! :)

Then we went to the Jasons' Supermarket. :) There is something about a great quantity of food being in one place at one time that is endlessly interesting to me. :)

Why Do Supermarkets Sell These Things?

1. Grape Leaves.
In a jar.

2. Chopped spinach.

3. Peppermint essence.

4. Sliced pickles, which they call "Bread and Butter".
*deep skepticism*

5. Potato flakes. I kid you not.
For making mashed potatoes.
Serene is right. They look like soap flakes.

Went to MPH, too. Was introduced to Ella Enchanted, and learnt that you can save $8.31 off Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire if you pre-order through MPH. Said book is out on June 21. *glee*
29th-May-2003 08:47 pm (UTC)
Whee! You're here! And heh, you don't really have to thank me with anything, it wasn't like I wasn going to use that code anyway. If I think of anything, I'll say. *grin*

The cycling wasn't *supposed* to be so bad. We went in the morning, could have been done by noon. But noooooo, friend (who *arranged* it in the first place) overslept!

Stomach has stabilised. I think. Thanks. =) and it's nice to know more people are safe in Farseer than I think. *grin* Have never read King Lear - am sadly under-read in lit despite being a bookworm (... makes you wonder what *did* I read...)

Maybe they sell those strange things because they're needed in some of the more western recipes? Bet they'd think some of the things you get in NTUC pretty weird too. =P
30th-May-2003 08:16 am (UTC) - Thank you for delurking me *happy smile*
I will now comment as if there is no tomorrow!

Tell me when you think of anything :)

*consoles* Ouch... If I'd to go cycling in the afternoon in the heat we've been having, I'd be as limp as the vegetables I cook after the entire escapade. Air-con? :)

Glad to hear you're feeling better :)

I support Fitz, as you've probably guessed ;) My opinion is that the Tawny Man series is better than the Farseer one, but that opinion is probably due to the fact that am an emotional reader. I wonder how much of that opinion is due to wish-fulfillment. :)

Yes! :) Jasons' also sells graham-cracker pie crusts. Sitting unobtrusively on the shelves of the supermarket, near the baking goods that seem to keep forever. Am beginning to suspect that that pie crust is something everyone should keep away from. Do not know how long it has been there.

I agree! NTUC has... very strange things. Even in the baking goods section. There is this tub of a peculiar egg-coloured substance - I have never figured out what it is intended to be used for.

All the best with the Uncooperative Story Idea!

*meeps at your dreams* *apologises profusely*

I've had... ideas... for writing a LOTR-based High school story... And have actually acted on them, which... is worse.

*fervently hopes that have not given you nightmares this time*
29th-May-2003 10:31 pm (UTC)
yo, chris!

so, both an lj and a blog, now? : )
30th-May-2003 08:39 am (UTC) - *smiles* In all likelihood, yes :)
Yes, probably both :) I am now embarking on the process of discovering exactly how to use the overrides. :)
31st-May-2003 12:14 am (UTC) - Re: *smiles* In all likelihood, yes :)
there are lots of help files. ; )
30th-May-2003 01:53 am (UTC)
I read "Celebration" as "Celebrian". :twitch:
Was wondering why you were throwing Celebrian.


Welcome to LJ. =)
30th-May-2003 08:43 am (UTC) - *evil grin*
Do I need a reason to throw Celebrian? The whole married-to-Elrond but left for Valinor thing? :)

*radiates evil*

Oh wait. That's a good thing!

*throws Celebration in celebration of Celebrian leaving Rivendell*

So I guess Elrond's fair game, now? :)

*smiles* Thank you :)
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