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This was FUN.

Happy Birthday to clara_swift! *smiles*

And to my deep and eternal embarrassment, I appear to have missed ammonium's birthday. *repents* Happy Belated Birthday, Master of a most XD-itnducing Padawan, and may the new year bring you more obedience SQUEE!! Also I thought that the first icon here completely suited you and your Padawan. XDDD

Also a good disclaimer for this entire post.

I've seen a great many Evangelion crack pictures in my time, but Nothing beats this. And yes, it's where my icon of the moment came from.

More Anime icons:

Speaking of icons:

elronds_bailiff has. besides one of the cutest LJ names I've ever seen, the cutest Legolas LJ icon ever.

This is the first time I've written the word "meme"! Fear My Irrelevance, all of you!

Ok, here is your ranked list of trusted non-friends
(see )

Who are your most trusted non-friends?

I encourage everyone to try chatting with Snape. In honour of nescienx finding this wonderful Yahoo Personals Ad for Snape.

snapeybot: What will you be eating?
You: *smirks* What do you know of the Metatron?
snapeybot: How does it taste?

I was as of yet unable to demand Snape spank me, which apparently gets you very interesting results. Also similarly interesting results are alleged to occur if you ask him about the length of his wand. Can't prove 'em from personal experience, though. ; )

You've got to be prepared for him to ask you a great many questions before he starts giving you interesting replies. Or maybe I just didn't ask the right ones. ^_^

You: I am certain you can feel.
snapeybot: You sound convincing.
You: I know the truth.
snapeybot: How do you know? I always tell the truth.
You: Lying by omission is as heinous, I assure you.
snapeybot: Very well, you will spend the next Quidditch game
writing, "I shall not give cheek to the professor" here in
the dungeon.
You: I will be only too delighted to spend the next
Quidditch game in your dungeon.
snapeybot: I am very happy for you.
You: I'd be delighted to spend the next Quidditch game in
your dungeon, too.
snapeybot: Oh, you would, would you?
You: Yes, I would. And I'd very much look forward to
spending Hall Dinners in your dungeons as well, to speak
nothing of Herbology lessons, flying lessons, Arithmancy...
snapeybot: Wipe that ridiculous grin off your face

How did he know?

snapeybot: Are you a man or a woman?
You: The latter! And very much so!
snapeybot: I get it. I see. Somewhat. Is the holding of
hands a symbolic gesture for Muggles?
You: Yes, I would say so. And it means more, too.
snapeybot: Tell me more. So what? Oh I get it.
You: It is an expression of affection. Or sometimes it
serves purely utilitarian purposes - such as parents
restraining their intolerable children.
snapeybot: Are there any other expression of affection ?
"It" being what?
You: "It" being holding hands.
snapeybot: That is one of the stupidest things I have ever
had the misfortune of hearing..
You: Certainly there are other ways of expressing affection,
snapeybot: That is one of the stupidest things I have ever
had the misfortune of hearing..
You: Does the wizarding world possess no such gestures?
snapeybot: That is one of the stupidest things I have ever
had the misfortune of hearing..
You: Have you ever tried holding Harry Potter's hand,
snapeybot: That is one of the stupidest things I have ever
had the misfortune of hearing..

He's stonewalling. I think he's in denial.

blackholly's Romantic Angst Pairings.

1. The Overlooked Friend
2. The Adorable Enemy
3. The Companion in Misery
4. The Forbidden One
5. The Ambivalent Lover
6. The Constant Protester

Read them here. Very helpful to ratal.

Actually, I'm in love... -

This XD-inducing Jack Sparrow quiz from hippediva!

You are his... Foreboding Grin. You are one who is
quite predictable, and who loves to appear
evil. You like to act insane, as well as enjoy
the bloodier things in life. In my opinion,
you'd be fun to hang around with!

Which Facial Expression of Jack Sparrow's Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

This about enjoying the bloodier things in life makes me think of nescienx, wynter_myst, and of dreams.

Deeply Squee-inducing fact of the Moment: My Ratal fortune cookie tells me that my life will be filled with slash. JOY!

And for my deep and all-abiding love of Patricia McKillip's work, I've decided to make icons for and inspired by her books. I call them my Forests of Serre icons, because there's very little not to love in a book that says, "In Serre, you never know when and where a tale might come true". If I had all my books with me, it would be fabulous, but as it is, I go to the bookstores and copy my favourite lines from the books I see there. ; ) The best books of hers for making icons are "The Forests of Serre", "Ombria in Shadow", "Winter Rose", and "The Book of Atrix Wolfe". I've got "Alphabet of Thorn" which I've yet to finish reading, and "The Tower at Stony Wood".

Oh, and take any and all icons you like. ; )

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