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Because I Just HAD to...

Love Actually meets LOTR

I wonder if this comes from listening to "Taters" and Billy Boyd's "Baby One More Time" on repeat mode for hours on end. arwen_elvenfair, all my thanks for many hours of hysterical laughter. *hugs*

And other Legolas icons.

And without hope or agenda:

I'm hopeless.

"Shadows of My Mind" is from a song I've been listening to - Ico's "You Were There". Anytime I listen to ranchelle's songs, I'm driven to make icons.

Choir practice from 11am - 5.30pm today. Am entitled to make icons for hours, even if they are all Legolas ones. Shall blame them all on that.

Your Part In LotR by dancinjillybean
You willfall out of a tree into the arms of Legolas
and then you willchallenge Pippin to a smoking contest
and you will fall in love withPippin
and the two of you willdisappear together
and at the end you willopen up a fireworks shop in Hobbiton
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

I think that's pretty cool. ; ) So I fall into Legolas' arms, but end up running off with Pippin. XD Unconventional and sweet. ; )

Thanks to lacewood, I have a name for this:

I've borrowed this classic book from the library called "The Romance of the Rose" - it's all about courtly love, apparently, and French – And this narrator is a young man, who seeks the love of a woman, symbolised by a rose. Unfortunately... almost all of his dealings to get the rose involve a character named "Fair Welcome" - who is a guy.

And he spends almost the entire book chasing after this GUY named "Fair Welcome". Apparently for the sake being allowed a single kiss for the rose he loves. The rose is symbolically the girl. But he has to deal with Fair Welcome to get the rose. And he keeps writing about having to ask Fair Welcome for a kiss.

From Romance of the Rose:

"(Fair Welcome) gave me licence to do all this because he thought it was what I wanted"

"Love had so favoured me that I had already begun to speak very intimately to Fair Welcome, who was ready to receive my advances"

“I have had no blessings or joys since Fair Welcome was put in prison, for all my joy and my salvation is in him and in the rose that is confined within the walls. He will have to come out from there if Love wants me to be cured, for I seek neither honour nor good, neither health nor joy from any other source. Ah, Fair Welcome, fair sweet friend, if you are imprisoned, at least keep your heart for me, and do not on any account allow fierce Jealousy to enslave your heart as she has your body, and if she chastens you outwardly, have a heart of adamant within to resist her admonition. If your body remains in thrall, at least take care that your heart loves me. A noble heart does not stop loving because it is beaten or mistreated.”


If this isn't crack, I don't know what is.


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