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trust me
No Muffins. Just No. 
16th-Jun-2003 05:52 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
Bro's birthday today! Gave him his birthday present last night. An extremely hinted-for present. *mutters something about all the subtletly of a jackhammer*

Went to watch "How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days" with risax. SW couldn't come :( Hope your grandmother's alright?

Movie was immensely fun. Spent quite a bit of time trying to hide my face. Yes, it was one of those incredibly wince-eable comedies. Wincy bits (My heavens. What am I saying...) chiefly consisted of Girl trying to make Guy drop her by committing all the supposedly "feminine" dating mistakes. Was personally much horrified by the name-calling. One does not call a man "Muffin" within earshot of his entire workplace. Said woman also named his... ahem... "Princess Sophia". All in the name of annoying him away - to write a magazine article.

Hit Kinokuniya with risax right after. *beams* Said store is offering a 20% discount on items - if you bring the coupon they print in the papers. Bought Patricia A. McKillip's "The Book of Atrix Wolfe". I adore her descriptive skills. I'd buy the book on the strength of those skills alone. Such as:

"He had seen Pelucir in fairer days, when the massive, bulky castle stood surrounded by flowering fields, the slow river running under its bridge reflecting such green that drinking it would be drinking summer itself."


Had a long and essential discussion on what to tell NUS, and what to tell the UK.

I hate decisions like these. I honestly do. I want to go, and I want to stay.

Well, better get self sorted out before the 20th of June.
16th-Jun-2003 03:59 am (UTC) - *huge grin*
I love your icon! It's so pretty! It's so... kirei!

You love Patricia McKillip too? *cheers* She's wonderful! I have her "Ombria in Shadow", too. *beams*

Went flipping through last week's and this week's Life! and couldn't find the coupons... (Not even the cut-out...) Will look again. The coupon reads 15 June to 6 July.
16th-Jun-2003 06:42 pm (UTC) - Re: *huge grin*
Thank you! =) It *is* pretty, isn't it... Couldn't resist it, I tried... *grin*

I have a second hand copy of The Song of the Basilisk; where did you find Ombria in Shadow? I've been looking for it... Her books are so hard to find in Singapore! >_< And yes, I could worship her for her gorgeous, gorgeous writing/language alone...
16th-Jun-2003 09:16 pm (UTC) - *smiles*
The icon is very cute! ^_^

I found Ombria in Shadow in Borders. There are still several copies there. Price is a bit stiff, but I have a copy. Want to borrow it? ^_^ I've finished it already.

Apparently our libraries have copies of her books, but they are, predictably, in the exceedingly out-of-the-way libraries.

I bought Alix Wolfe from Kino. You're welcome to borrow it too ^_^

*agrees wholeheartedly on following her for her beautiful writing*
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