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trust me
What University Students Do All Night. 
15th-Mar-2004 08:52 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
I will not encourage my friends to stalk the boy next door.
I will not encourage my friends to stalk the boy next door.
I will not encourage my friends to stalk the boy next door.

It sounds better like this:

"An Austrian, a Londoner, a Singaporean and a Hongkonger were staring at the window looking onto a room where a Frenchman lived."

Have recently discovered that a hall-mate, H, lives across the quadrangle from me. So she and I can look into each other's rooms. Sam and I went to say hello to her and found U also in her room. We started looking out and, among other topics such as "You can see right into the fish and chip shop!" we somehow ended up talking about how to get a look at Serry Next Door for an entire half-hour. All started when U said that the poster on H's wall - of cherubs - is just like that on Serry Next Door's wall. So after half an hour of discussion, Sam, U and H finally did manage that, thanks to a Stalking Tactic inadvertently discovered by Merry last term. It's called, "Oops. I Didn't Know You lived here!"

*knocks on his door* "Hello - Oh. I'm looking for aefallen?"

And since I live right next door to him, it is a plausible excuse... ^_^

When H asked U what Serry Next Door was doing when she knocked, U said, "Nothing - Just lying on his bed."

*massive internal facefault*

Now there's a contest comparative exercise going on as to the relative merits of two particular guys we think are... possessed of particularly striking head-turning abilities. A girl who was in VJ (F) for the first three months with me (except we were completely unaware of each other, let alone the fact that we would end up in the same hall) advocates this particular guy I've never seen.

We've done similar things: F, upon seeing The Other Guy at dinner, ran up to the 7th floor to tell M, who subsequently ran down to catch a glimpse of said other guy. Have yet to see him.

There are about ten of us in total, only three of which have seen both the candidates. Serry Next Door's leading by 2:1. XD (and I've not seen them both, so I don't count)

Sometimes I do pity the poor guy. Playing loud music isn't a sufficient reason for me to send hordes of friends battering down his door.

I suppose that it's of no help that right after their knocking on his door, five people crowd into my room for a discussion interspersed with much giggling, incredulity, and Billy Boyd's "Hit Me Baby One More Time". *worships arwen_elvenfair for my access to the song*

*someone yells into the night* "Chris! And this is an invitation to all of you out there!"

Me: *leans out of window* "Ian, is that you?"

Ian: "Oh, it's [my real name]! Hello, [my real name]!"

xtremesaints wisely wants to put me on a regimen to wean me off LJ. I agree all the time I'm spending online is a slow form of academic suicide.
15th-Mar-2004 04:05 pm (UTC)
You've got fun hallmates! And the people there don't care who you let into your rooms at weird hours of the day (or night)! 2 ppl on my floor got thrown out cos they ignored repeated warnings... apparently they had guys visiting them after 11.30pm.

I like that Stalking Tactic *applauds Merry* We should do that when we finally find out exactly where AR lives.

17th-Mar-2004 07:48 pm (UTC)
First, we have to find out who his neighbour is too. ^_^
15th-Mar-2004 04:49 pm (UTC)
Hahaha! You have cool friends.

Noooooo don't come out LJ... though yes, the amt of time I spend online/playingwarcraft/mechwarrior is academic suicide o_O
15th-Mar-2004 08:00 pm (UTC)
I think "I will not encourage my friends to stalk the boy next door" sounds better myself. >D

But your academic suicide is so fun to watch - *is bricked* Okay, no, I'm sure you won't fail! ^_____^
16th-Mar-2004 09:37 am (UTC)
*blinks* you guys sure are having lotsa fun over there.
and personally think that you "encouragement" isn't working...
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