breaking all your laws, one at a time. (aefallen) wrote,
breaking all your laws, one at a time.

Away I Go

It's 2.27am, I'm meant to be at Waterloo Station to catch the Eurostar to Paris at 9.45am, and I have not packed. I'm leaving for Paris tomorrow, with Merry. I'll be back on Friday. In the meantime:

We're named after our fandom obsessions.

Back of card: "If I had two hamsters, I would name them Contract & Tort, or Will and Jack, or... Colm and Riz [Tort and Property lecturers, respectively]."

Say Moo

That's Computer Guy and Bloom's present. Him, J and Aikido Boy bought her that present. It's a stuffed toy cow that possesses singularly convincing sound effects. J did... unspeakable things to both Bloom's shoulders and mine with that cow. This brings to mind the many goings-on where anyasy, lazydreamweaver, whiteravensong and homura are. Unspeakable acts with soft toys.

We're all mature, intelligent and sophisticated university students, as you can tell by this photograph.

The edges of shelves make excellent washing lines. Or, How I Do My Drying.

On looking at this picture again, I realize it somehow looks wrong for is that G is standing right behind KB and I. In picture, one Italian, one Korean, and one Singaporean. And a Malaysian's swords. Alright, FOILS.


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