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For Insanity, Let This Do - Because Your Friends Will Be Distressed*

*For Victory, Let This Do, Because The Prince Is Still Our Guest

In the last week, our chorus has run through a three-hour opera four times in six days.

First opera I've ever watched. First opera I've ever been in, for the matter. I discovered how three tenors can overpower 12 basses, 35 altos and sopranos, and any piano. That if I'm an alto and stand with a soprano on my left and a bass to my right, I hold on to pitch by the edges of my fingertips. And how to pronounce Dvorak.

Vanda's a Polish princess, Slavoj her "peasant lover" [they really do say that], and Roderich the German prince who attempts to win her hand. Naturally, as this is an opera, 2/3 of the abovenamed principals end up rather dead.

"My Bat You Don't Know, Shall Punish You"

This was in the early days, before the real props turned up. You see it appears very much like a wooden bat, but in fact is used quite effectively as a sword.

(Roderich sings, to Slavoj, when Slavoj challenges him to combat, "My hands you don't know, shall punish you".

Me: ... 0______0 "Is that anything to say to your enemy?"

I am small and he is tall and that is not fair.
Yes, anyasy, risax, clinquant, c_dreamcatcher and la_muerta, GM was in the same opera.

After demanding whether the Thunder God has a sign for us, we all fall to the floor and spend the next 20 minutes taking a well-deserved nap.

You know people have PICs? Partners In Crime? This is S, my PIP - Partner in Photography. Together, we take pictures like this:

We have no idea what those flowers are, but it doesn't stop us taking the pictures. That's my hand on the left, and hers on the right.

And after the final night of the opera, we headed off to the University building to check out the POP - Post Opera Party (Acronyms. Nuts, eh) - and took pictures of our university, like these:

Honestly, that doesn't look like a university at all. It looks like a Roman Ruin.

Is it me, or are choruses/choirs madness magnets?

Photographer: "Getting involved in this opera means NO LJ for HOURS on end!"
Subsequent reactions:

High-Kicking Peasant Girls!

It was so tempting to shriek, "HELP! HELP! I'm being repressed!"

On the last day, there was an emergency general meeting to elect the new opera managers. And also to give out awards. Here they were:

The King of the Basses
Most Convincing Caveman and Cavewoman
(There's a cave scene. Involving a cult, sacrifices, a priestess... That sort of thing)
The Charles Peebles (That's our conductor) Teachus Pettus Award
The "Insane Elaine" Award for Sheer Folly

And I thought I should show you the winners of the:

Most In-Your Face Integrity Award

Cards were handed out for us to sign, thanking the actors, actresses, stage managers, and everyone involved. And the girl who won this award did this:

Honesty in Action.

Best Legs Award

He won it because he wore a cheerleader's skirt to a housewarming party. And apparently, I am told, he has "fantastic legs".

Best Bridal Bouquet-Throwing Award

There's a scene where we all throw the lilies we're holding into the air. That's how he won it. ; )

Self-explanatory. XD

The floor has horrendous soundproofing. So once when Arthur Miller's post-WWII play "All My Sons" was being staged (think serious drama about responsibility, death, and guilt), the audience was treated to a 65-strong chorus of peasants singing about victory right below the stage.

Charles is our conductor. ; )

The message seems rather at odds with the medium.

And since there's a scene where we sing:

"Many valiant nobles yearn for you with longing"
And "Choose, O worthy lady, choose a worthy husband", our dressing room signs looked like this:

And here's he who made the signs:

For some reason, the remark in scarlet made me think of nescienx.

Can You Tell Which Was the Rehearsal and Which the Opera?

"All You Knights so Valiant and Shirtless Dauntless..."

Roderich and Slavoj being Paul and Brad. Or... Draco and Harry being Tom and Dan.


(I actually forgot the name of the actor who played Draco and had to run a Google search. Eek...)

And what opera picspam is complete without a picture of the complete


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