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Happy Birthday! *beams*

Just cut bro's birthday cake. *laughter* He asked, "Why does your own birthday cake always taste better?" All of us spent some time hiding from Dad's incessant camera action. Mom hid behind unused plate. *envies Mom's quick wits in snatching plate up*

Much hysterical laughter later as we went to look at past holiday snapshots. Laughed especially hard at pictures where all of us looked bad. Quite a few pictures where I looked terrible, but they'll keep. Shall laugh at them when I get older.

Happy birthday to aingeal's Brownie, too! *beams*

nescienx - Tales of Parental Pranks - Of my father, that is. Had dinner out, as it was bro's birthday. On observing a drumstick that bro had given to me sitting quietly in my clam pasta plate, my dad immediately began speculating on how it got there. He began with, "A chicken fell into a river, and was eaten by a clam. The clam was caught immediately, and..."

*slides off chair and under table* *stays hidden under table*

Result Nerd
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It must have been that Long Sword.

What NERV Child Are You?

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Don't ask. I don't know.

*inches away from that unnaturally genki-coloured creature*


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