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trust me
Just Shoot Me. 
12th-Apr-2004 05:38 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
Have new layout. XD First since February. It's right here.

That's K from Gravitation.
17th-Apr-2004 07:22 pm (UTC) - NO THOSE ARE GOOD THINGS! XD
I don't know enough Weiss, but:



Though am more Tokiya/Recca myself XD
18th-Apr-2004 01:52 am (UTC) - Re: NO THOSE ARE GOOD THINGS! XD
dunno...i think because recca annoys me *cough* ithinkhedeservestheidiotwhoisyanagiyesido. am usually a tokiya/fuuko person, but a fic i read, when i was still reading FoR fics, shed new light on possible kurei/tokiya-ness.

fire and water, what fun! ^______^
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