breaking all your laws, one at a time. (aefallen) wrote,
breaking all your laws, one at a time.

Paris Must Be Good For Something.

Pepsi's Football Site. That's the ad with David Beckham as a knight. Here. Imagine it's Kingdom of Heaven.

And they've gone that way with the Music section, too. Except they've gone Gladiator. Enrique Iglesias as Commodus and Britney, Pink and Beyonce - Queen fans be warned. Here.

Paris icon inspired by this exchange. TROY SPOILER.

This entry brought to you by computer vir4us (It did that. *hatred*) and cut and paste. It cripples my keyboar d e this. The moments of sheer nothing when I touch the keys excluded, as are the $4yyyyyyrrr nonsensicalities that appear.

Yes, that is how much I don't want to be studying.

ALSO. *HUGE SMILE* lacewood went to Orlando. I went to Paris.

la_muerta and c_dreamcatcher! OH MY GOD Professor LOOK -

Discovered on ezzvaldez's LJ.

Dear God. Gandalf and Eomer, as seen on kelleigh's LJ. More than slightly questionable. Makes me think of that Spike-Giles image majokai found.

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