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*wears out right-click function*

New Troy pictures are out here and here.

I think I love the last picture because it looks so incongruous.

Or because it looks like Paris is about to charge the camera. XD

Warning: Questionable content ahead.

Watch it, aefallen -


I like the parallels.

In other news, the hall caught fire yesterday, or the boiler room did. giaan was in my room, and we went out thinking it was just another false alarm until we saw the smoke pouring out from the top of the building. Fire engines came shrieking along, and the hall residents weren't permitted back in until some 2 hours later, but I was oblivious as had gone off to watch Hidalgo with risax and A.

Viggo! *shock* I didn't expect him to be so good-looking when he wasn't Aragorn!

Spent quite a lot of last night here. Downloading Orlando Bloom interviews and laughing hysterically at the Graham Norton ones.

Graham Norton interviews go like this. The last one I watched with my brother had him calling up officials after telling the audience, "In Minnesota, it is illegal to have sex with a live fish," and then claiming to have perpetrated that very act. Um. So he asks Orlando deep and thought-provoking questions such as, "What is your favourite vegetable?" (Answer: Spinach. I think. I was too busy laughing when looking at Orlando's face.)

Have inflicted Graham Norton on YK and M. XDDDD M is my new next-door hall-mate, who lives where Serry Next Door used to live. AND. SHE LIKES ALAN RICKMAN IN THE HARRY POTTER FILMS. :: DIES :: ; ) She hadn't seen the newest HP trailer yet, so I showed it to her, and she was, "!" at the Snape opening scene. "I like him!" she said.

Me: ^____________________________________________________^

And as for Graham Norton interviewing Orlando Bloom... This riddle made its appearance:

Who in this room is really fit
And has cross-dressed with Brad Pitt?

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