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trust me
Because I should be WORKING. *laughter* 
26th-Apr-2004 02:15 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
anyasy, is your address as it was last year?
nescienx, if you've moved since your last address I know, I shall cry.
aingeal_isilme, I have no box big enough for your present!
arrch, there IS no box big enough for yours.

Because I'd really like nescienx to like FMA:

Full Metal Alchemist is LOVE!

Check out this site: Read the manga in English. ; )

And I think this site shows videos. here.

And here are the pictures.

This is probably due to the fact that I liked FMA better than Naruto. MUCH better. ; ) It was around for ages, and I wasn't interested in it until Sena wrote up a summary which fascinated me, and from then on I started paying attention. And then I was hooked. XD

And when I have a 3,000-word coursework due, I make icons.

Oddly enough, I wrote the text that appears on the Liv Tyler icon. As you can see, much was ripped off from owed to Shakespeare, Keats and the like. I was meant to do my essay, and instead, while looking at that particular Liv Tyler picture, those lines came to me. It was to do with how she had rose petals in her hair, and how her gaze seemed so very smoky. *laughter*

And - FMA. Now I finally understand lacewood's icon. ; ) I'd always thought it Naruto until now. ; ) *hides*

All made in the course of writing one essay.
30th-Apr-2004 05:35 pm (UTC) - *EVILNESS*

That is why I adore you. *hugs*

You really like Paris and his arrows don't you? >D

*screams with laughter* I *MUST* watch Troy with you. You are so much fun.

Why do I have such wrong thoughts about what you said about Paris' arrows? *shame*

I adore Paris ... and I am ashamed of it...

And your Dear Aefallen icon is cute. No, I wasn't thinking that, honest. XD

HEH. *I* was thinking that, if you weren't... *laughter* Though I was quite certain that you would be the one who would understand it. XD It happened when I realized that Orlando Bloom was responsible for some 13/15 of my icons. The ratio has improved! Now he's only on 6/15 of them! *laughter*

also appear to be the only non-shipper/het-leaner in your comments

*hugs you* Not true! It's just that the shippers tend to be... more vocal. *smiles* You are much <3-ed. *GLOMPS YOU*

And Huuuuughes~~~ ;_; (You've read past vol 4/ep 25, right? AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!11!!)

I didn't, but abraxan told me... And HUGHES!!!

NOOOOO!!!111234567 He was too much fun to DIE! *hysterical tears*

Though yeah, one admits that Lust is cool and very sexy/iconable to boot. XD

Your Lust icon was partly responsible for mine ; ) And that's a good thing. Well, to me. ; ) You had one of her that said "Desire". ; )
3rd-May-2004 01:09 pm (UTC) - Re: *EVILNESS*
Why do I have such wrong thoughts about what you said about Paris' arrows?
....... Because I was thinking Wrong Thoughts when I said that? ^____^ *is struck by lightning for over-enthusiatic smirking at phallic symbolism* You ship Hector/Paris? Hm. They're brothers, right? I mean, just checking. XD

And I knooooooooooow. ;_; Hughes~~~ ;_; AURGH, NOOOOOOOOOOO. ;_; *tempted to go into denial and ignore it*

And heh, I'm glad my Lust icon did its little bit to help. XD
4th-May-2004 03:15 pm (UTC) - HEHEHEHEHEH...
You ship Hector/Paris? Hm. They're brothers, right?


*dies laughing* You know, this is really sad. When I started out with slash, I was - Right, guys and guys, that's bad enough. Then I went on to Snape/Harry, which was age difference and teacher/student, which squicks some people totally, and now here I am with Hector/Paris and incest. I'm going down the slash scale.

Because I was thinking Wrong Thoughts when I said that? ^____^

Wrong Thoughts are a Good Thing! ; ) Leastways, that's what I say... ; )

*tempted to go into denial and ignore it*

I know people who've cried buckets over it... *tears* I don't want to see it... I liked him so quickly! WHY WHY WHYYYYY....

And heh, I'm glad my Lust icon did its little bit to help. XD

I am of the firm belief that icons advance fandom. XD They're quick, convenient, and can seduce you with their beauty. ; ) And all you need to do is Look. ^_^
6th-May-2004 08:09 am (UTC) - NOOOO ESCAPE~
It's called the slippery slope effect. It's like quicksand, stick one toe in and there is NOOOOOOOOOOO ESCAPE. *stands on shore mourning as Chris is sucked in* *is shot* XD;;; Hey, there are worse things yet! And it's all fictional anyway. So... don't worry too much? Yet, anyway. XD;

Wrong Thoughts as good thing. Well... depends on who you ask, yes? >D

And I know. ;_; Stupid mangaka! YOU BASTAAAAAARD!!!!11!! HOW COULD YOU?!!!!11! AAARRRRGGGGHHH.
7th-May-2004 09:19 pm (UTC) - Perhaps I would fare better were I trying to run... XD
In my paper-thin defense, I saw Hector and Paris together and went - "OTP!" before realizing they were related.

Not sure it would have stopped me anyway. ; )

I would NEVER shoot you. How else would I keep sane? ; )

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