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Someone, say something intelligent, I... Can't!

Thank you Wolfgang Petersen.

First of the Law exams started today. Contract and Tort is over. *rejoices* I should be studying, but I discovered all the new Troy videos that've appeared lately and I went on a downloading frenzy.

Didn't get to use the case Paris v. Stepney Borough Council. Which involves, not Troy, but tort and employer's liability.

The European Principles of Contract Law are also known as the Lando Principles of Contract Law. It really doesn't help that this guy's full name is Ole Lando. What kind of name is that? More importantly, how I am supposed to study with any degree of seriousness when I can't keep the silly grin off my face?

You know, I can see the examiner's comments on my paper:

"The Judgement of Paris is a painting, not a point of law!"

I'm sure I had something more intelligent to say, but it evades me at the moment.

ranchelle, you have gone and set my heart on fire.

la_muerta, my source of All Things HP, has linked the new Azkaban trailer in her post here. It has French subtitles. Which caused me to see things I shouldn't have.

anyasy's done a delightful assignment for her Creative Writing class: "Think of a poem title, then put it into a search engine and construct a poem out of the results".

Being in the state of mind I was in, I went for, "Hector, why won't you let me -" and found... a shocking number of love songs.

Hector, Why Won't You Let Me -

You see, the thing is - All the stories I have
Won't let me be
For I have a problem and I know you can help
You won't be the last to know, to see

I don't want to fight
What we are fighting for won't
Let me be apart from you
Paris, he won't stand a chance
Strong in spirit, let me lift you up
Let me fight with you

In all these years
I won't, tonight, love you

That's the only reason he married her
What makes you think they will let me stay?

Fighting for this loneliness
It's a lie without you


I just realized that with judicious cutting and punctuation, you can get a very different poem. *thanks Writers' Circle sessions*

What we are fighting for won't let me be apart from you, Paris
He won't stand a chance

Spirit, let me lift you up
Let me fight with you

*laughter* And a wonderfully insane site which seems to be attempting Iliad: The Musical! I can't believe this - It's... It's... like...

Agamemnon: Odysseus.

Odysseus: I know! I miscalculated. By a slip of my stylus I scaled this thing down by 25.

Ajax: It's more like a little donkey.

Antilochus: Yeah. The Trojan A—-

Odysseus: Don't say it! So I made an error. I still did a far better job than any of you could have done.

There's a gloomy silence.

Ajax: Menelaus, I'm frightened.

Menealus: Hush. We have to sit still for a few more hours, and then we can go outside.

Diomedes: How long have we been in here?

Menealus: Not more than a hundred and twenty minutes

Antilochus: It feels more like two hours to me.

Ajax: It feels like forever to me.

Menealus: It will be over soon.

Agamemnon: Can you keep it down? We don't want to be discovered!

Another hush.

Menealus: Can you hear that?

Agamemnon: They're certainly having a lot of fun out there.

Odysseus: In all probability, imbibing alcoholic beverages, too.

Menealus: We can relax a little, then. Come on, all of you! Cheer up a bit. Don't look so glum.

Ajax: Why shouldn't I?

Menealus: Well, Odysseus here is so sorry for making things difficult that he's going to sing a song for us.

Antilochus: Dear Poseidon. Since when can engineers sing?

Odysseus: A sweeping generalization! (Shooting Menelaus a nasty glance) Very well! But if I have to sing a merry ballad, I'm at least going to make it educational.

Menealus: Odysseus... make it appropriate.

Odysseus: Nothing could be more so!

I can hear John Cleese's voice... And of course they break into song about Pi. I never thought I'd see Odysseus say anything beginning with, "Whenever I'm down and start to cry/When I can't deduce the reason why" - But there it is, and... my heavens. There's music. Here's the site. And my favourite line was (Possible spoiler warning):

Priam: "Paris, repeat to me why Hector always said you're the worst archer in the whole Trojan army."



*flees la_muerta, whom I adore dearly, but who may not let me get away with this*

Went into a bookshop to get a newspaper today. Walked out with newspaper and four fantasy books.

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