breaking all your laws, one at a time. (aefallen) wrote,
breaking all your laws, one at a time.

the Biggest PicSpam This LJ Has Ever Seen, Part III

Terry Pratchett with Unidentified Fans

My brother and I. This picture was his idea:

David Gemmell Signing

Are you man enough for the Evenstar?

London Anime Club Anniversary Screening

Heh. This picture especially appropriate in light of the fic that's been appearing on ranchelle and majokai's journals of late. *smiles*

Back in my Hall

Flowering coriander. After YK's coriander plant almost died, he revived it by leaving his windows open, freezing himself so that his plant could breathe, watching over it and watering it - and finally when it survived, he could no longer bear to use it for seasoning. And thus:

My Room

It came to my attention that there was no angle from which my room could be photographed which would not result in a picture that did not include Orlando Bloom. *conceals truth in convuluted sentence*

This is the chaos before packing:

National Gallery

giaan's birthday:

J's birthday in Hyde Park


Help, I'm in a tree and I can't get down:

Hyde Park in Easter

I can't believe it. Swans on a lake surrounded by cherry blossoms? Which fairytale did I walk into?

The daffodils are all gone, so this is the last time I shall be subjecting you to photos like these: For this year, at least...

The Squirrel Tamer:

When we were in Kensington Gardens, looking out on a courtyard with a fountain, my brother responded to my enthusiastic squirrel-induced exclamations by launching into, "Magnificent creatures, squirrels!" Steve-Irwin style. I facefault in his general direction, but he was so funny. *beams* I may have scared all the squirrels away by exploding in laughter.

Unfortunately, I'm not done just yet...

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