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trust me
*has fallen off edge of the earth* 
18th-Jun-2004 01:53 am
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
kannazuki, how long have you been the darrenshan mod before I even knew the series existed? And before I fell for it so completely? *is smiling helplessly*


I liked this Darren Shan artwork. There's a Darren Shan club on DeviantArt. *surprise*

This guy is so incredibly pretty (to me), it's fun imagining him as Darren.

If they hadn't written it this way, I wouldn't have fallen so hard for this book. It was highly unfortunate that the first page I should read would be

Book 7, "Hunters of the Dusk"

Mr Crepsley stared at the Prince, his mouth wide open. "Paris!" he gasped.

"You have been caged in here too long," Paris said, "Go and unwind, and do not return without a hangover."

"But-" Mr. Crepsley began.

"That is an order, Larten," Paris growled.


Also, I have this, in all likelihood, completely inaccurate mental image of Kurda Smahlt, which drives me to read anything about him the way I'm driven to any fandom I've ever been in. I - visualize him as an unspeakably beautiful cross between Seridoc Gamwich of Ratal and Orlando Bloom as Legolas. *dies* I don't know when it happened.

And I really shouldn't read this particular exchange this way:

Book 7, Hunters of the Dusk

"I'll miss you, Paris," I said, hugging him roughly after we'd shaken hands.

"I will miss you too, young Prince," he said -

(and there's something else before this:)

"I'll find him," I vowed, locking gazes with the ancient Prince. "And if the chance falls to me to kill him, my aim will be true."


You don't aim swords.

Also it doesn't help that there's a general named Arrow running around with Paris. *buries face in hands*

Also, I have Books 6 - 10, with 11 slated to come out this June, if anyone's interested.

Darren, really. He's such an amazing character. There's more slash in two hundred pages of him than there is in entire Harry Potter books. (Except for the fifth one. The "you're not brave in bed" line and the scene that follows that from the Order of the Phoenix is just off the scale)

Also, there is just one author who's written the pairing I go for. Link was broken, so had to use the extremely useful "View Cached" function nescienx and aingeal_isilme alerted me to.

This Crepsley/Darren reminds me so much of Snape/Harry. Also, there is just the one Steve/Darren around. (Interestingly enough, ishuca and verstehen see it too, I believe. Which gives me hope.)

Also - I cannot believe what majokai did for me. *hearts her*

*is falling off chair* Pants of the Caribbean.

"This is just like what the Greeks done at Troy. 'Cept they was in pants instead of dresses. Wooden pants."
Legolas Fancier came over to my house, and upon viewing my sizeable cache of Troy pictures, exclaimed, "Are they wearing no pants at all?"

Also, I fall at the feet of nescienx for this post, and THAT ICON (Orlando Bloom. Is. Toxic.), this Hector and Paris "Silly Little Brother" icon (Which had me shriekingwith laughter</i>), and also did this gorgeous chibi Troy art which I completely adored (which has disappeared! *cries*). Which divinity do I worship for the fact that she's begun updating again? *hearts*

First Kingdom of Heaven icon I've fallen in love with. Ever.

Oh, yes. For nescienx's 'Lando entry, and for aingeal_isilme, to whom I share this cry, (Warning: Orlando Bloom ahead):

This has to be the Paris picture I love the most.

This picture makes me laugh hysterically. The Prince of Troy charging a camera.

I just like this picture so much, it's ridiculous.

I believe I first saw this picture on nescienx's LJ, which... inspired... me to go on an obsessive quest find the rest. Which I can also spam on request -

One of the last new Legolas pictures I ever saw, in the sense that there aren't many I haven't seen by now it was um, well.

Because this picture, and the man in it, make me laugh so hard. I could watch his interviews for ever, precisely because I find them so funny.

17th-Jun-2004 12:01 pm (UTC)
Random comment: LOVE your icon
17th-Jun-2004 02:56 pm (UTC)
OMG! I got your package. Thank you so so so so so so so much!
I have something to send to you and was going to go on MSN and bother you for your home address, but you wrote it in the card so it's all good. Expect something in the mail sometime soon. :D

Thank you!
17th-Jun-2004 10:46 pm (UTC)
Isn't Darren Shan... like an author? o.o I'm out of it... educate me when I return.

And I remember that Orli picture! That was like ages ago I posted it.... and the pic I like is the only ORLI pic I'll ever like because it doesn't look... very Orli-ish. *glee*

I have 3 different types of colours on my nails at the moment. One really pinkish one, one shimmery blue, one pale peach and another which is supposed to be purplish but looks more silverish. This is because I was out earlier and passed by a Red Earth sale. Bah.

All red-crossed images in my LJ will be back up soon when I get the site registered again.
17th-Jun-2004 11:41 pm (UTC)
Been meaning to ask, ever seen this icon? http://userpic.livejournal.com/14946660/1594041

... Thought you might like it. ^_^ *cough*Plzdon'tkillmekthx*cough* XD;

The first Orli picture is pretty. XD And hey, at least he makes you laugh. That's always a good thing! XDXDXD
27th-Jun-2004 08:21 am (UTC)

::mad wave::

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