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Second driving lesson today! (Or rather, as I write, yesterday.) Made the circuit at last! Somehow managed to clock up 65km by simply driving round and round for a hundred minutes.

Met mom, bro and grandparents for lunch at Jack's Place. It's been ages since I was there! Tried the kiwi fruit juice, which was... Like drinking jam. Seriously. Also, restaurant was so busy that it ran out of glasses. I've never had that happen to me before. *eyes widen*

Then off to the Ang Mo Kio library. ^_^

After a short spell at home, went back to the driving centre for the Final Theory Revision. Very strange. Instructor would not let me take notes. As am compulsive note-taker, you can guess what this meant to me... *laughter* Halfway through the lesson, I was falling asleep (notes are a fantastic way of keeping you awake). And hearing Weird Al Yankovic's rendition of "American Pie" in my head. Is probably a bad idea to read Star Wars fanfic in the early morning. Still, the sleepy spell passed. Much relieved.

Oh, and if anyone reads this: Borders will be having a 20% discount on books and VCDs today. Celebrating Harry Potter! *beams*

And, at time of writing, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be released in three and half hours' time! What's three hours to three years? *laughter*

Still, Borders will be open at 6am today. *smiles*

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